Story: Weaselling

Art by: nik159

[Rating T13][Crime][Humor]

Everyone’s favorite two-bit criminal finally gets the story he deserves, and boy is it a doozy. For what little screetime he got in the movie, Duke is fleshed out quite a bit here, along with…family. Finnick, Detective Oates, Wolford and McHorn, that old goat meter maid, and a whole slew of quirky OC’s also join in on the fun. It all makes for quite the entertaining romp through the back alleys of Zootopia’s criminal underworld. – Berserker88

Author: PresidentStalkeyes

Description :
Duke Weaselton’s ma always told him that if you’re going to weasel through life, do it properly; a lesson he learns the hard way when he winds up indebted to a violent crime lord. Forced to reunite an old crew and give quick cash another try, he soon finds himself caught between an overzealous detective, a shady real estate tycoon, two ambitious thugs and a nasty honey badger.


Additional Tags: Turns out his name ISN’T Weaselton, go figure

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