Art of the Day #52

by myrza289
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There are times I wonder.  What does it mean to be a “fan”?  What have humans been “fans” of in the past?  Is ancient art an expression of the artist’s “fandom”?  And what art from today, made for fandoms around the web, will survive the test of time and become truly iconic pieces of art?  Will any of our work one day develop the intrinsic value we associate with the masterpieces seen in museums?

And what does any of this have to do with zootopia?

I don’t have an answer to any of these questions, but in the meantime, we can at least see what others have done, and marvel at their accomplishments.

Get your art after the break!

* by @mortic_ox
Source [2]

明日は非番 by @hogyapo
Source [3]

[Title Unknown] by @tumugi_topia
Source [4]

パオンパオーン by @mortic_ox
Source [5]

「ちょっと…!手伝いに来たんじゃないの!?」 by @onme_zoo
Source [6]

근무중에 작업거는 여우와 부담스러운 토끼.. by @cat78952
Source [7]

残暑お見舞い申し上げます by 蒼子
Source [8]

ズートピアまとめ1 by ぽきち
Source [9]

ズートピアまとめ1 by ぽきち
Source [10]

ニック&ジュディ by 真琴
Source [11]

Twitterログ② by 侑加
Source [12]

ズートピア⑧ by ものほしば
Source [13]

ニックとジュディ by 俺ふとん
Source [14]

zootopia by 唯一無二のてつし
Source [15]

No lie, I ship these two ~ by huilizen
Source [16]

humor me for a second by nicolaswildes
Source [17]

Art of Nik – 026. Dukes niece by nik159
Source [18]

Source [19]

Detective Duo by Bloodlustfox
Source [20]

Gideon Grey :3 by ilar17
Source [21]

On the case – Zootstuff by Dante-mL
Source [22]

SUNNY~☀ by @tumugi_topia
Source [23]

[Title Unknown] by @___and____
Source [24]

Finnick by Kxh
Source [25]


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