Comic: New Sleeping Bags (Original by @Friday14_)

Ever slept in a sleeping bag?
It looks like Judy wants to try it out with Nick, but Judy chose a special design!
Maybe a “Blueberry” themed sleeping bag would be better for Nick?

Thanks to @Friday14_ for this fun little comic, thanks to ToasTee for translating it into English for us and thanks to gfcwfzkm for editing it. You can find the original on twitter and the translated comic after the break! You can read it like a classic comic from left-to-right!


    (Breakdown from seeing Judy in a carrot sleeping bag. I don't care, I'm calling it cuuuuuuutttttteeeeee!)

  2. This is just great. Thanks! Love your stuff man, keep em' going! (Sry 4 bad english I'm Taiwanese)

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