Comic: “Dinner Conversation” by Eric Schwartz [Full Comic]

…That is a very good question, Judy.  We see the Fishtown Market in Tundratown, and a Buga-Burger box in another scene, but what about other sources of meat?  Are there truly feral versions of the mammals that walk and talk in Zootopia?  What about birds, or reptiles?  I know that some mammals don’t care what they eat (including snakes).

Check out this awesome new comic by Eric Shwartz over on Furaffinity, or after the break!  And if you’d like to see more of EWS’ awesome work, check out “The C Word”, “Bad Berries”, “Awkward Call”, and “Caught”, all on Furaffinity or right here on ZNN!


  1. I'm going to assume that in Eric Schwartz's conception of Zootopia, chickens are non-sentient, because otherwise this is extremely squicky and disturbing. Like SO DISTURBING UGH.

    Non-sentient. Yep. Going with that.

    In my Zootopiaverse, birds, mammals and reptiles are all sentient, and eating any of them is akin to eating people – Hannibal Lecter style. Crustaceans, fish and other sea dwelling stuff is non-sentient, as are obviously insects.

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