Story: Dangerous


[Mystery] [Crime Drama] [Rated T-13]
A highly engaging detective story that departs from the standard calm and collected Jack Savage which is so common in depictions of the character – Nota

Author: Dalek Tea Service

Description: Jack Savage made a mistake.  The kind of mistake that someone in his line of work can’t afford to make, not ever, unless they want to end up face-down in a gutter.  Down in the Marches, down in the places where the castoffs of Zootopia’s society make their home, knowing when to keep your nose out of trouble is everything.
It’s too bad he’s made a career out of doing the exact opposite.
Now he’s in over his head, and going deeper by the second.  And when ZPD’s finest catch on to the same trail, one slip-up could be enough to buy Jack Savage, Nick Wilde, and Judy Hopps a one-way ticket to the bone orchard.

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Additional Tags: It’s about to get Noir up in here!


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