Story: Elective Amnesia

Art by Red-Velvet-Panda

[Mystery] [Crime Drama] [Rated M-16]
After what appears to be an open and shut case, Judy and Nick’s friendship is pushed to the limit as new and old prejudices are unearthed not only in society, but within themselves.  How can anyone be anything if society views others as nothing more than walking sterotypes? ~Namicle

Author: AwwCoffee_No

Description: Officer Nicholas P. Wilde is many things, ex-con, red fox and general pain in the ass foremost among them, but he is not all he appears. Underneath his cocky facade is a vulnerable kit, trying to survive in a bigoted world that has denied him since birth. Now he has joined his friend among the ZPD’s finest, and it looks as though he’s finally succeeded.
His partner Judy Hopps is the first of her kind and as open-minded as they come, but even she hasn’t forgotten the lessons of her youth. Regardless she has sworn to face the darkness that threatens her friend side by side.
But when a controversial case threatens to set them against each other, can she keep her promise?
Or will they fall to the same old rivalry that has plagued their respective species?

 Elective Amnesia

Additional Tags: The ride of friendship can be rocky at times.

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