Meet the ZNN Team! Part 3: The Best of the Rest!

We’re almost there!  Less than 10,000 pageviews left!  This is so amazing, thank you all so much!

I have several roles to introduce you to today.  These are the people who are instrumental in ZNN’s daily operation, but who do what they do either on their own or in such small teams that I don’t feel a big post for each role would make much sense.

So today, you will be meeting Web Wizards!  You will be meeting Treasure Hunters!  You will be meeting a Social Butterfly!  And you will be meeting the Artful Dodgers who have brought you all the amazing character designs you have seen over the past couple of days!

Let’s get started after the break!

The Web Wizards

These guys run the technical side of the website.  They do the programming, make custom widgets, and are in the process of bringing ZNN over to WordPress, where the site will be even more customized to suit our needs!  To a novice programmer like myself, the work they do is pretty much magic.  Hence the title “Web Wizards”
The supreme Web Wizard is Moonwolf.  He was one of the first people to be invited to join the website.
Well, I say “invited”.  What happened was a bit more along the lines of “Hey, your website looks bad.  I will fix it”.  Which he did.  We have a standing agreement that I don’t mess with the code; I can look, but I can’t touch.  And so far, I’d say that has worked out extremely well!
He occasionally gets some help from Julliant, one of the moderators of the Zootopia Discord Server, but as his character design suggests, he’s more of a lone wolf.  Pun totally intended.

The Treasure Hunters

Did you know that ZNN has over 10,000 pieces of Fan Art saved on a private Flickr account?  We use it for the Art of the Day Posts.  And you have these guys to thank for it.  They scour the internet for all the amazing art they can find, and find the treasure buried in a mountain of content.
So, meet Raphael and Pascal (also known as gfcwfzkm)!
ZNN Office Rule #9: This guy is a Maned Wolf.  Don’t mistake him for a fox, or we all have to undergo sensitivity training.  Again.
These guys got into ZNN the easy way- they just kept finding amazing stuff and sharing it with me.  Eventually I just decided it would be simpler to make them official members of the ZNN staff.  And we all lived happily ever after in a kingdom literally covered in content.
Seriously, these guys are amazing.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.
Pascal in particular has become a sort of “captain” with us.  He’s a jack of all trades, helping with every area he can.  He helps with editing the translated comics, he finds amazing fanart, he makes his own fanart, he programs wonderful tools that I can use to make posts faster and more effectively.  And if I’m in a bind and can’t post an article myself, I can count on him to get it done.
So, I hereby bestow Pascal with the honorary role of Swiss Army Knife.  Because he does everything.  And he’s Swiss.

The Social Butterfly

One of the newest roles we have here on ZNN, this title goes to the guy who has taken the reigns of the ZNN Tumblr account, and who is helping us expand to other social media platforms.
Please give a warm welcome to Nathan!
Nathan’s also doing some great work with the Zistopia Dub (playing the role of John Wilde), so be sure to check that project out here!  And be sure to follow the ZNN Tumblr account to see all of the phenomenal work he’s done for us!
And last, but certainly not least, we have…

The Artful Dodgers

These guys (and gal) are simply amazing.  Every time ZNN has had something to celebrate, they have been there to provide an incredible piece of original art, just for us!  And I cannot WAIT to show you what they’ve put together for when we hit 1 Million Pageviews!
So, meet the wonderful team behind all our amazing character designs: Sendrax and Quirky-Middle-Child!
These two make a phenomenal team, and have spent the last month getting everything ready for this momentous occasion.  Now that you’ve seen their character design work, I have to say this.
There.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, there’s one more incredible Artful Dodger: Quirky’s sister, Candice!  But you all know her better as Ask-theZPD.

Seriously, if you haven’t already seen her comics on Tumblr, you need to check them out.  They are not only brilliantly drawn, they’re absolutely hilarious too!
In fact, let me leave you all with one of my favorite things that she has made for this fandom:
I’m Andy Lagopus, you just got Nick Rolled, and now you know the entire ZNN Team!  Thank you all so much for all that you do for this amazing fandom, and I will see you tomorrow when we celebrate 1 MILLION PAGEVIEWS!!!


  1. T-minus 6,129 pageviews.
    Okay, I know I've said it before (on all of these meet the ZNN staff posts)
    but just thank you; thank you all, so much, from the bottom of my heart, for coming together and making this blog.
    I seriously love all the work everyone does, and it makes me happy to just be able to comment in these posts.
    (What's even more amazing is that multiple times, the staff have responded to me, which blows my mind: these amazing people responding to my petty comment? What?)
    So yeah. You all deserve the 1 million page views, and more to come.

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