Art of the Day #374

Photocopier by Mshkaa Source [1] Ahhh, the copy machine, such a fine convenience, so many wonderful uses… “Sayyy Nick, if you were to…I don’t know, buy me a nice dinner, I might NOT have to post this on the bulletin […]


Art of the Day #370

Chopsticks by Mshkaa Source [1] Today’s featured image begs the question, “What the heck would bunny-sushi be like? Rabbits are herbivores after all.” Well, while we continue to ponder that conundrum, what say we go take a look at this […]


Art of the Day #368

Judy Hopps drawing by UnknownArtist Source [1] Greetings once again, Zootopia Fanart Aficionados. Our featured image for today is another great one by the inimitable Andrej S. Kalin–‘inspired by actual events’, as they like to say in Hollywood; the heart-shaped […]


Art of the Day #366

No Police Work During League Play by DrFaceArt Source [1] The Fox abides. Greetings dudes and dudettes…and welcome to this week’s random collection of Zootopia fanart. We’ve got some great artwork on tap today, a Big Zoobowski; so pour yourself […]


Art of the Day #365: Hit the Beach – 2019

Beach Porsche by brokeguy21-blog Source [1] And hello again all you Zootopia fanart fanatics. Over the past few months we’ve had practically an explosion of new beachfront-themed Zootopia artwork. Accordingly, we’re presenting a new collection of beach-themed Zootopia fanart, (together with […]


Art of the Day #364

Spicing Things Up! by Qalcove Source [1] No Judy, noooo; the cookbook says one drop of Tabasco, one drop of Tabasco, not one CUP! Ohhh, I don’t think we want to be around here when Nick tucks into this little […]


Art of the Day #362

Patchwork Tranquility by iPoke Source [1] Greetings everybody. For today’s featured image, we proudly present iPoke’s first new piece of Zootopia fanart in almost two years. Admittedly we’re kind of breaking a rule here, since none of the canon characters […]


Art of the Day #360

Saloon Judy by Mew-Me Source [1] ♪ “I heard you workin’ in a saloon I heard you work from midnight ’til noon Well, I might be from the woods But those hours don’t sound so good What’cha doin’ in that […]


Art of the Day #358

The Morning After by jam-art Source [1] “…and THEN you told the Chief just exactly what he could do with his…” “Ohhhh, go away and let me die in peace, Carrots.” Yes, we’ve all had mornings like that, (or some […]


Art of the Day #356

20th Century Disney Fox by SouthParkTaoist Source [1] LOL! — Behold, a pic created to honorthe Walt Disney Corporation’s acquisition of Fox Studios. Hmmm, does this mean we’re going to see Nick and Fantastic Mr. Fox, together on the silver […]


Art of the Day #351: Motorcycle Madness

Ride on Moto Nick and Judy by zigrock001 Source [1] Vrooom! Vrooom! And welcome all you gearhead Zootopians. For today’s Art of the Day collection, we’re paying homage to the union of mammal and Motorcycle. Although none these machines appeared […]


Rich Moore Leaves Disney Animation

Following 10 years of service at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Rich Moore, director of Wreck-it-Ralph (and its sequel) and co-director of Zootopia, is leaving for Sony Pictures. Many in the Zootopia community are aware of the movie’s co-director Rich Moore, […]


Unused Alternate Scenes for Zootopia

Disney animators are a hardworking bunch, as you might expect from artists working for one of the world’s leading animated movie makers. Sometimes the final product isn’t the only product that had to be considered, though. Little emphasizes this more […]


Newly Unveiled Zootopia Character Models

Over three years past the release date of the movie, fans of Zootopia are still getting content released from the directors, artists, and animators that worked so hard to make it. Disney modeler Suzan Erdal has recently released a slew […]