Art of the Day #412: The Many Faces of Nick Wilde

Every Tree Needs a Friend by @aureldrawsstuff
Source [1]

For his next masterpiece, Nick Ross will create a lovely picture entitled, ‘Terrified Fox, Running For His Life From A Savage Bunny.’

Hello again, fans of Zootopia. Today’s Art of the Day collection is dedicated to the many guises in which Nick Wilde has appeared online, courtesy of the Zootopia fan-artists.  The rule here is, live-action crossovers only, no animation or anime. (Characters who’ve appeared in both forms are allowed.)

Also, (with one semi-exception,) there are no supers in this gallery, either.

And with that settled, let’s get straight to the artwork. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Nick as Neo from The Matrix.

Neo Nick by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [2]

That’s Captain Nick Sparow, if you please

Nick Sparow by pafull
Source [3]

Here’s that one exception to the No Supers rule.  Many folks consider Joker to be more of a psychological thriller than a comic-book film; closer to Taxi Driver than The Dark Knight.

The Joker is Wilde by Medic.McCloud34
Source [4]

Nick Tracy.
(Yes, that was done as a live-action movie.)

crossover on the Mafia by AndrejSKalin
Source [5]

 ♪ Judy are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay, Judy? ♫

tumblr_o6xbz8Y6Jb1tphyawo1_540 by haloman1170909
Source [6]

Here’s a couple of Nick as Marty McFly

Baaa-ack to the Furture by Koryo Tiger
Source [7]

‘Judy B Goode’ by Kendall Collins
Source [8]

As Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction.
(This picture and the one above it have something in common.  Can you guess what it is?)

You never can tell by tggeko
Source [9]

“First rule of Zotoopia is…we don’t talk about Zootopia.”

Nick Wilde says Use Soap by jonas
Source [10]

The title of this one pretty much says it all.

Nick Scissorpaws by andyourteeth
Source [11]

Methinks Nick would very much approve of being portrayed as P.T. Barnum–the individual credited with coining the phrase, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

The Greatest Showman by EdisonFox
Source [12]

Here he is as Mad Max in Furry Road.

Furry Road by piesarts
Source [13]

Another one that needs no explanation.

Mr And Mrs Wilde Poster by acorntree144
Source [14]

Nick as Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother.)

[Nirlock] Mycroft Wilde Concept by MonoFlax
Source [15]

As Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch

Bunwatch – Nick Wilde by MykeGreywolf
Source [16]

Two pics of Nick as The Doctor

Doctor Zoo by @ByronPHoward
Source [17]

As the Seventh Doctor.

Whotopia: Nick/Judy as the Seventh Doctor/Ace by AlexandraBowmanArt
Source [18]

Another self explanatory image.

Lucifox by AksisQo
Source [19]

Here’s one of Nick as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

Walking Dead – Zootopia Mashup by adamfay
Source [20]

“Manners maketh Mammal.”

Agent Foxy- Zootopia by xanseviera
Source [21]

For those who don’t remember, this was the character played by Jeff Goldblum in the Jurassic movies.

Nick as Dr Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park) by tggeko
Source [22]

Here’s Nick as the title character in the sci-fi film, Logan’s Run.

Nick’s Run by red-velvet-panda
Source [23]

Here’s another one that explains itself in the title.

CSI-Zootopia by Greys-Giovana
Source [24]

Nick as Caracatus Potts in the Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang movie.
(Would you believe, from a story by Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond?)

Commission – Riding in the Sky by RetroUniverseArt
Source [25]

Nick as Dr, Animal Lecter

Silence of the Lambs Crossover by MattesWorks
Source [26]

As Gerbil Kint in The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects by cosmoanimato
Source [27]

And finally…someone get Nick a Blue Russian.

No Police Work During League Play by DrFaceArt
Source [28]

Until next time…the Fox-Dude abides.