Art of the Day #424: Pretty Fly For a Pie Guy – Another Gideon Grey Album

Gideon Grey Dance by TUWKA
Source [1]

Gid gettin’ down to the Tik-Tok dance.

And hello again, one and all.  In a (belated) tribute to National Pie Day, this week’s Art of the Day collection features Zootopia’s other fox; bully-turned-nice-guy, Gideon Grey.

Like just about everyone else, I’ve often wondered what it was that led Gideon to turn over a new leaf. (There’ve been several pieces of fanfiction written on the subject.)

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in Zootopia 2.  But in the meantime, enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We open with some images of Gideon during his ‘Mean Widdle Kid’ phase.

Gideon Grey by @bicharrac0
Source [2]

He looks so angry in this one, it’s even a little bit scary.

Gideon Grey by Souvannarath
Source [3]

The famous confrontation with Judy.

Judy Hopp and Gideon Grey by Jenney
Source [4]

“Well…he was right about one thing; I don’t know when to quit.”

Back Off by nduli
Source [5]

But eventually, (thank goodness,) Gideon grew out of his bullying…as the next series of pics demonstrates.

Reflections-Gideon Grey by ThankU
Source [6]

Judy had the ZPD Police Academy; Gideon had culinary school.

Gideon at Culinary School by astrolyon
Source [7]

A fox who loves his work.

First date by Jay_Wolfe
Source [8]

Gideon by Vandroiy
Source [9]

Note the blueberry stains on his apron, a nice touch.

Pie Husband by Rusbane
Source [10]

Gideon Grey by kartaZene
Source [11]

Nothing like a little whipped-cream on top.  I like the way his fang is showing in this pic.

A pie for you! by Mieno
Source [12]

Zootpori – Gideon Grey by nadairead
Source [13]

Don’t ask why, but to me this one looks kind of like a magazine cover.

Gideon Grey – An American Portrait #2 by scriabin
Source [14]

Need Something Sweetheart? by 7THeaven
Source [15]

National Pie Day pic.

Have some Gideon Pie for #NationalPieDay by @gamutfeathers
Source [16]

This is not going to end well.

Pie Guy by @thefireprince2
Source [17]

Gideon Grey (After) by chirudegilead by chirudegilead
Source [18]

Gideon by eggsrkids
Source [19]

Gideon Grey by PurplePalePie
Source [20]

Gideon Grey by JargonIceDragon
Source [21]

Here’s a picture of Gideon as he might have been appeared in a Don Bluth movie.

”Back to work.” by Kosperry
Source [22]

Now, let’s move on to another Gideon gallery; here he is, together with some of the other Zootopia cast members.

With Nick of course.

The Carrot at this Time by @monmokamoko
Source [23]

Nick and Gideon by SharKaLL
Source [24]

And with Judy.

Gideon x Judy by Waackery
Source [25]

It is reported that shortly after Benjamin Clawhauser left his shop, Gideon Grey was seen to hang up a ‘Sold Out’ sign.

Gideon Sketches by arleydog
Source [26]

Nick has the right idea.

Fender Bender by spectigular
Source [27]

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the more popular ships in the Zootopia fanart community is Gideon Grey and Sharla, (Judy’s childhood friend.)

Gideon and Sharla by Ziegelzeig
Source [28]

Well There’s a Four Dollar Selfie by djanthony9000
Source [29]

Moving on, we present Gideon in a series Zootopia AU images

What if Gideon was Boss of the Tundratown Mob?

Kozlov Finnick and Gideon by @nenheixiye
Source [30]

What if he was a lounge singer?
♪ “Sing us a song, you’re the piano-fox…” ♫

Pianist fox by xxsparcoxx
Source [31]

What if Gideon had a long, lost cousin?  (This looks a bit like some classic Disney animation artwork.)

Cousins Cody Grey and Gideon Grey by @outlandking
Source [32]

What if Gideon was The Fox With No Name?

It’s Pie Noon by pictomancer-TypeB by pictomancer-TypeB
Source [33]

…or a Fantastic Fox?

Sir Gideon and Gifre by 6SpiritKing
Source [34]

We wrap things up with a trio of crossover pics.

Hakuna Matata by pictomancer-TypeB
Source [35]

Having been there himself as a kid, it makes sense that an adult Gideon wouldn’t like bullies.

Gideon Tells Off Ronno by RogersGirlRabbit
Source [36]

Gideon as Gendo from the Evangelion series.

G.Ikari by xxsparcoxx
Source [37]

And finally….
St. Gideon forgives you your sin of not paying the pie pan deposit.

Sacred Pie of Gideon by Gerardson
Source [38]

Until next time…here’s a Bonus Pic; anime Gideon.

Gideon Pie by @hachirouta8
Source [39]