Art of the Day #423

Leaping into Action! by pinkie
(Commissoined by Walt46)
Source [1]

It’s Judy as Shahna from the Star Trek – TAS episode, ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’…and the fact that this picture was commissioned by a very dear friend of mine has nothing to do with its selection as Featured Image.

No, of course it doesn’t, don’t be ridiculous; would I lie to you?

Heh, wel-l-ll….   Hey, look at all the other great pieces Zootopia fanart in this album!  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


ROK Judy by @swetpot
Source [2]

Twilight and Fizzlepop by EJLightning007arts
Source [3]

Nineties gang by ravich17pip
Source [4]

Train back home by RelaxableFur
Source [5]

Sweet Treats by TheGorySaint
Source [6]

Holiday by SSGXray
Source [7]

Bellwether by MrsRemi
Source [8]

Who are You Callin’ Short, Shrimp? by anubis_werewolf
Source [9]

Fav’s game Judes by Yora
Source [10]

Snowy night by AlbineFox
Source [13]

Jack Savage by Aps1s
Source [12]

Officer captured in cage by Naivejohn
Source [14]

Judy Quinn by rubber
Source [15]

Slyest fox officer by nik159
Source [16]

Cute bunny by KellWolfik
Source [17]

A Very Zooty Christmas Card! by FunnyRaccoon
Source [18]

Nick Wilde by TeaLBiTZ
Source [19]

Happy group by Two-Mind-Monster
Source [20]

Bad Beasts II by Drako1997
Source [21]

WildeHopps x I lava you by OceRydia
Source [22]