Art of the Day #426: Bunnies, and More Bunnies

Welcome to the Club by parallelpie
Source [1]

Walt Disney always liked to say, “Never forget, it all started with a mouse.”

Yes…and not quite; Mickey may have been the Mouse that put Disney on the map, but the first major animated character to emerge from the Walt Disney Studio was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Since that day, bunnies have been a staple not only of the Disney corporation, but just about any animation studio you’d care to think of, (anime included,)  Movies, television, TV commercials, video games, children’s books; if we were to say that bunnies are everywhere, it would almost be an understatement

In recognition of that fact, this week’s Art of the Day collection features a gallery of Judy Hopps interacting with, and/or channeling some of the other famous anthropomorphic rabbits.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.



We open with some images of Judy Hopps, going one-on-one with a few of the other Disney Rabbits.

Where else to begin but with a pic of Judy and Oswald?

Disney Rabbits by sp19047
Source [2]

Thumper, of course, was the first rabbit to appear in a Disney animated feature.

Zootopia – Hi I’m a big Fan by Weischede
Source [3]

Next up was B’rer Rabbit…the bunny from Song of the South, (a film the Disney Studios would now rather forget.)

Judy and Brer Rabbit by TheBMeister
Source [4]

Judy with Skippy from Disney’s Robin Hood, (also featuring Robin and Nick.)

Contest Foxes ‘n Bunnies by AbsoL-G
Source [5]

Just don’t start laughing, Judy; if it’s funny, he can get out of those cuffs.

I Was Framed by silvanuszed
Source [6]

And now let’s move on to some more images of Judy, together with some NON-Disney bunnies

We start off, of course, with The Big Bun himself.

Zootopia – I’ma big Fan by Weischede
Source [7]

Ehhhh, what’s up, Fox?

Wait, who is that bunny cop by Darkanine121212
Source [8]

Needless to say, where Bugs goes, Lola Bunny follows.

Bunnies by Dannyckoo
Source [9]

Cute Buns Can Jump by Myke_Greywolf
Source [10]

It’s easier than heck to find Zootopia crossover pics of Lola Bunny…but only the Space Jam version.
The Looney Tunes Show Lola  is another story.  Below is the only Zootopia cross-pic I’ve ever seen of her.

Lola Hopps by ArtemLab
Source [11]

Judy swaps outfits with Cream the Rabbit, from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Judy and Cream – Exchanged Roles by KatTheFalcon
Source [12]

How about some Pokemon-Bunny X Judy crossovers?

Lopunny as Judy Hopps by pikapika212
Source [13]

Judy Meets Glaceon by briskby
Source [14]

Bunny Plus Fox Equals… by ChaoRA
Source [15]

Officer_Scorbunny by brainbow97
Source [16]

This one also features Buster Bunny, of Tiny Toon Adventures fame

Bunny Bunch by Solratic
Source [17]

 A couple of pics of Judy with E. Aster Bunnymund, the Easter Rabbit from Rise of the Guardians.  (A highly underrated film, in our opinion.)

Judy and Bunnymund by Missvale94
Source [19]

Gun show by bernielover
Source [20]

I couldn’t find any pics of Judy and Babs Bunny together, so I settled for the next best thing–Judy, as Babs, as Tinkerbunny.

Tinker Judy by TDotBabs
Source [21]

Judy with Max, from Sam and Max, (and she thought Nick was a pain.)

Judy Hopps & Max by CrazyassBeethoven
Source [22]

A serious misunderstanding…

Happy Easter From the ZPD by Kendall Collins
Source [23]

Judy and Peter Rabbit

Rabbits Crossover by HalloDream
Source [24]

With an anthro version of Primrose, (from the Watership Down television series.)

Primrose and Judy by Skye-Izumi
Source [25]

Two pics of Judy hanging with some video game rabbits.

Klonoa Heroes by 少林ボンズ
Source [26]

Judy and Daisy from Doom by Pirin-apex
Source [27]

Okay here’s a rare one.  The wolf and bunny on the left are a pair of Russian animated characters from the Soviet era, Volk and Zaya,   (Volk looks kind of like the Tex Avery wolf, doesn’t he?)

You can give your Autograph? by l-i-t-t-l-e_f-i-r-e
Source [28]

 Next up a series of group pictures.

Clockwise, from the top-left: Judy Hopps, Carrot Bunny from One-Piece, Lola Bunny, and Haru from Beastars

The Four Bunnies of the Waifu-Pocalypse by OneHandsomeFox
Source [29]

Clockwise, from top left: B’rer Rabbit, The March Hare, Roger Rabbit, Judy Hopps, and Fall-Apart from the Bonkers TV series.

Rabbitopia by DrZime
Source [30]

Top row, L-R, Roger Rabbit, The March Hare, B’rer Rabbit, Oswald.
Bottom Row L-R, Thumper, The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Judy, and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh

Tao Nguyen’s Disney Rabbits Sketch by TaoNguyenArts
Source [31]

Rabbit by fid
Source [32]

Top Row, L-R,  Betty and Bumpy Bunny (OC’s, created by the artist,)  Bugs, Lola, Usagi Yojimbo
Bottom Row, L-R, Judy, Pinky, Ufotto Leprotto, Roger Rabbit, Babs Bunny, Buster Bunny, (no relation.)

Rabbits of My Life by Contix
Source [33]

Disneyland: The Usual Bunnies

Disneyland Bunnies by @pinkbunnyr
Source [34]

And finally…who wants to tell her?

Zootopia – Judy’s mistake by BobDrawsThings
Source [35]

Until next time…


  1. Sadly, I am old enough to remember Ricochet Rabbit and Deputy Droopalong. Peter Potamus and Wally Gator, too.

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