Art of day # 421: Featured Artist – Monoflax.

Byron Howard-Based sketches by MonoFlax
Source [1]

And hello once more, fellow fans of Zootopia.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a ‘Featured Artist’ Art of the Day, and so it’s high time for another one

Today we’re focusing on one seriously versatile individual, Monoflax.

Landscapes, interiors, portraits, character studies, action-shots, crossovers, and AU illustrations; this is one Zootopia fanartist who can truly be said to do it all.  His art style ranges from as ethereal as gossamer, to as gritty as dirt under the fingernails. Some of his images are so spot-on, you’d swear they were concept art.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself below; for this week’s Art of the Day collection, we’re proud to offer a gallery of Monoflax’s amazing Zootopia Fanart.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artist some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with a series of cityscapes.  Here, you’ll see what we mean about Monoflax’s work looking almost like Zootopia concept art

Zootopia Cityscape Overhaul by MonoFlax
Source [2]

These next two images make me hope we’ll more of that cargo-blimp in the sequel.

Rainforest District by MonoFlax
Source [3]

Zootopian Dream by MonoFlax by MonoFlax
Source [4]

Rainforest District by MonoFlax
Source [5]

Palm Hotel Security by MonoFlax
Source [6]

Streets of Zootopia by MonoFlax
Source [7]

And now for some interior shots.

Nick Pool by monoflaxart
Source [8]

This looks a little like Vannellope’s hideout from Wreck-it Ralph.

Zistopia Panel by monoflaxart
Source [9]

Mystic Springs Oasis by MonoFlax
Source [10]

Now, let’s move on to some character studies, beginning with our favorite hustling fox.


Nick Wilde, Alternate Color Key by MonoFlax
Source [11]

Sly Fox #9 by MonoFlax
Source [12]

Cynical, isn’t he?

tumblr_o8mr55TUNr1u6zc6wo3_1280 by monoflax
Source [13]

tumblr_o8mr55TUNr1u6zc6wo1_1280 by monoflax
Source [14]

SlyNick by monoflaxart
Source [15]

Pretty sly for a fox-guy.

tumblr_o8mr55TUNr1u6zc6wo2_1280 by monoflax
Source [16]

Here are three pieces from a sketch dump, mostly about Nick but with one or two scribbles of Judy and/or Benjamin Clawhauser thrown in.

Dump 2 Zootopia by MonoFlax
Source [17]

Dump #5 by MonoFlax
Source [18]

Dump #3 (More Zootopia) by MonoFlax
Source [19]

Sly Fox #8 by MonoFlax
Source [20]

Here’s one of Judy, and no, this isn’t a modified screenshot.  (Fooled me the first time, too.)

We All Make Mistakes. by MonoFlax
Source [21]

And now onward to more character pics, featuring some of the rest of the Zootopia gang.

“What’ve you got in your mouth there, Clawhauser?”
“Nuffing, Fir.”

Bogo and Clawhauser by MonoFlax
Source [22]

This next one of Flash looks uncannily like the work of (Disney concept artist) Shiyoon Kim.

You Want It When? by MonoFlax
Source [23]

But THIS one…!
The first time I saw it, I was sure it was a Cory Loftis pic.  (And I still keep catching myself, checking to make sure.)

Fennek – Finnick by MonoFlax
Source [24]

I really like Bogo in this get-up; they should show him dressed this way in the sequel. too.

Bogo Shirtsleeves by monoflaxart
Source [25]

Moving right along, we have some Monoflax images of Nick and Judy together.

How about a Carrot Farmer by MonoFlax
Source [26]

Nick going FLOOF by MonoFlax
Source [27]

Note the way Nick is holding his ears in this one; a nice touch that greatly enhances the sensation of speed

RUN! by MonoFlax
Source [28]

Meter Maid Mobile by MonoFlax
Source [29]

Sly Fox and Dumb Bunny by MonoFlax
Source [30]

Given how prolific he is, this is probably NOT the only Wildehopps pic Monoflax ever created…but it’s the only one I’ve ever across.

Wildehopps Snuggling by MonoFlax
Source [31]

Nick is soooo going to get it for this.

Selfie (Colored) by Monoflax
(Coloration by Stormspike)
Source [32]

Now, how about some crossover pics?

Wonder_Bunny by monoflaxart
Source [33]

Paw and Order – Mammal Victims Unit by MonoFlax
Source [34]

Nick as Sherlock.

Barker Street by MonoFlax
Source [35]

And in Blade Runner 2049.

Residuum by MonoFlax
Source [36]

Along with Zootopia, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is another one of Monoflax’s favorite subjects.

Silly Crossover Thing by MonoFlax
Source [37]

A series of AU pics to round out this week’s  collection.

Eyes of the Fox by MonoFlax
Source [38]

Hereafter Cover – Alternate Version by MonoFlax
Source [39]

Wrapping thing’s up, here’s a pair of rare gems that we featured in an earlier collection; Nick Wilde in Steampunk mode.  (Used with kind permission of the artist.)

zoohaven3_2 by monoflax
Source [40]

zoohaven2 by monoflax
Source [41]

And finally…
“What part of  ‘No’ don’t you understand, fox?”

Pawpsicles by MonoFlax
Source [42]

Until next time…

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  1. There’s something about the Hereafter one that’s just fantastic…and of course I must tip my hat to anyone who will doodle both Zootopia and HTTYD together.

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