Art of the Day #419: Orange is the New Black

Mugshot by lokpik
Source [1]

And hello again wherever you are, fellow fans of Zootopia.

You know, some of the favored themes in Zootopian fanart can be a little bit hard to fathom.  Case in point, images of Nick and/or Judy wearing prison jumpsuits.  These seem to be a very popular image with some folks, (as well as a favored setting for crossover pics.)

But don’t just take our word for it; you can check it out for yourself in this week’s Art of the Day collection.

But first, please welcome our newest member of the fanart-hunter team, Val Foxxo — who located many of the images on display in the album below.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artist some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with some solo images of Nick Wilde in prison garb. 
Note that in nearly all of these pics he’s wearing a ‘Tame Collar’ .  This is a hark back to an incident in the original, ‘Zistopia version of the film; in that first script, Nick was framed and sent to jail.

Collar calling by MonoFlax
Source [2]

Nick Escaped From Prison by Slimefur
Source [3]

This one appeared in an earlier collection, but there’s something we’ve noticed since then — an Easter Egg.  Think you can find it?

Conceptual Mood Piece by sprinkah
Source [4]

Zootopia Innocence by Asestrada157
Source [5]

Now let’s bring Judy into it.  (In the ‘Shock Collar’ version of Zootopia, she was the officer in charge of Nick’s case.)

Zistopia AU Sketch 1 by monoflaxart
Source [6]

When versions collide

There, but by the Grace of God, Go We by mastermead
Source [7]

As illustrated by this concept art, in the original script of Zootopia, Nick managed to escape from custody–but  with Judy in hot pursuit.
(And as we’ve mentioned before, it was him, rather than Duke Weaselton, whom she chased through Little Rodentia.)

LR Nick Escape 01 by Matthias Lechner
Source [8]

Zooprototopia – The Movie by JackOrJohn
Source [9]

Nick Getting Chase by Bizymouse
Source [10]

While it might be bit surprising to see Nick in a prison jumpsuit, in the case of Dr. Honeybadger, it’s not so odd,  The last time we saw her in the film, she was cuffed and being frog-marched off-screen.

Honeybadge in Jail by flowerstomars
Source [11]

And needless to say, even it’s less startling to see Dawn Bellwether done up in Big House Orange..because we actually saw that In the film.
(During the final ‘concert’ scene, we  caught a glimpse of her in a prison jumpsuit,) 

Zootopia 2nd Year Anniversary by WastedTimeEE
Source [12]

In The Jail by nik159
Source [13]

Bellwether Isn’t Really Cut Out for Prison by @FanpageZootopia
Source [14]

But Judy Hopps in a prison jumpsuit; that’s not something you expect to see every day, Chauncey.

Well, you know what they say folks; Misery loves company.

[Commission for Land24] by Rott-ing-Root
Source [15]

Here’s two pics of Judy and Lola Bunny modeling prison wear.  This is actually a much more popular theme than you might think.   In our Jailhouse Rock collection of last year, we featured two more Judy X Lola X Jumpsuit pics.

It’s A Bit Ironic by Leo-san
Source [16]

Bad Bunnies by lokpik
Source [17]

And now let’s get into the Nick and Judy orange jumpsuit pics.

We begin with some mages of our favorite fox and bunny them standing lineup.

Zootopia Commission by impendingsenseofdoom
Source [18]

Bunny Deathstare by Jonas-Puppeh,
Source [19]

Commission – orange jumpsuits by Francesca-ictbs
Source [20]

Here’s a couple them waiting in a holding cell.

Nick and Judy by Demico-Art
Source [21]

Commissionn – Nick Messes Up by Pan-Kiki
Source [22]

“This is another fine mess….”

Commission for Land24 by EeviArt
Source [23]

Many of the Nick/Judy jumpsuit pics show them wearing pawcuffs.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde J by zdrer456
Source [24]

…or other restraints….

Com – Prisoners by CPLicebug02
Source [25]

…or cuffed together…

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde by TommySamash
Source [26]

Nick and Judy 3 by Rin_Tyan
Source [27]

The big time by Marias182
Source [28]

…or even shackled together…

Commission–Land24 by Credens-Vita
Source [29]

…or all of the above.

Hardtimes2 by Pixiefyre,
Source [30]

But there’s one thing these images all have in common.  Judy always looks like she wants to bite Nick’s face off–while he’s always sporting a sly, foxy smile.

Judy n’ Nick Com – All Your Fault by BroDogz
Source [31]

Okay, okay-y-y …ALMOST always.  Every rule has an exception,

All Chained Up – Commission by Ruffu
Source [32]

..or two.

MC: land24 by Cheroy
Source [33]

And finally, can anyone guess the reference here?  (Hint, it has to do with Nick’s VO artist.)

Please, Hopps by @WildeNickFox
Source [34]

Until next time….we leave you with this musical thought.


  1. please welcome our newest member of the fanart-hunter team, Val Foxxo — who located many of the images on display in the album below.

  2. Oh wow, it’s fascinating to see the “alternate universe” where Nick is incarcerated, as seen in many zootopia concept artworks. It’s a brutal and unforgiving world. I enjoy the more comical and lighthearted pictures better. Handcuffs and joking expressions. Very cute!! My buddy Land24 is the mastermind behind a lot of these drawings!

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