Shakira’s Performing ‘Try Everything’ on This Weekend’s ‘Disney Family Singalong’!


Y’all check out the first edition of The Disney Family Singalong, which aired a few weeks ago on ABC amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Disney stars new and old singing classic tunes from the company’s vast catalog of material, from High School Musical to Cinderella?

Well, it’s back. And this time, Zootopia fans have something to cheer about.

According to her social media, Shakira’s going to be featured on this Sunday’s (May 10) broadcast, and she’ll be performing — what else? — “Try Everything” for the show!

Disclaimer: I mean, I guess it doesn’t say she’ll be performing “Try Everything,” but all the clues are there, ya know? Catch my reaction when she pulls up singing “Not in Nottingham” from Robin Hood or something. Or wait, maybe that’d be kinda lit?

Anyway, the show’s airing Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on ABC, with appearances also scheduled from Katy Perry, John Legend and more. No word on the part of the show during which Shakira will actually perform. Chances are you’ll be able to check out the performance on streaming services afterward as well; in fact, once we get a usable clip of the song, you can bet we’ll be posting it here, too!