Video: The Little Rodentia Pursuit Storyboard Side-By-Side


I’ve gotta give props to Disney; they may not have given Zootopia the follow-up that it so clearly deserves yet, but they certainly aren’t willing to leave the fandom high and dry either.

Four years later, they’re still offering up one pleasant surprise after another to help tide us over until a sequel can finally be announced.

This time around, Disney Animation released a side-by-side comparison of a scene from the movie and its accompanying storyboard. And what better scene to show than the Little Rodentia chase where Judy finally gets her chance to escape the monotony of parking duty and act like a real cop?

It really makes for quite the treat being able to watch the actual scene playing out side-by-side with the storyboard and witnessing how the sketches were translated to the film this fandom has come to know and love.

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You can also view it in HD on Youtube: