Art of the Day #441: Shop ‘Til You Drop

Buy Everything by KitKatS
Source [1]

And hello again Fans of Zootopia.

Today’s Art of the Day Collection focuses on an activity which, for us humans, has been severely curtailed over the past couple of months; going shopping.

Luckily for Nick, Judy, and the rest of the gang, their city has no such restrictions in place. And so, grab your billfold, check your credit cards, and don’t forget your reusable bags. Today, we’re going shopping in Zootopia.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with two pics of our favorite bunny hitting the stores.

Shopping–it gives you wings.

Valentine’s Box by @strawberry628
Source [2]

Judy’s got a thing for Nike, I see.  (What would Nike be called in the Zootopia universe, do ya think?)

Judy Hopps went Shopping by TechECoyote98
Source [3]

Now, here’s couple of images showing Nick Wilde on a shopping prowl.

Yes, he’s thinking of buying it; of course he is.  Would THIS fox lie to you?

I’m Testing by Nerton
Source [4]

Here’s an AU pic of Nick going shopping with his son.   (What, did you think he was shopping only for himself, kid?)

Tie Shopping by Credens-Vita
Source [5]

Now let’s bring Nick and Judy together for a little shopping trip.

Shopping together by neobubbles
Source [6]

Groceries by maybelletea
Source [7]

Shopping by 稀眞
Source [8]

80’s consumerism by fanartiguess
Source [9]

Here they are in Sahara Square, shopping at the Meerkat Market.
(In the Zootopia canon, this is a real place )

Date in Sahara Square by Ziegelzeig
Source [10]

Not exactly sure why Judy is macro size in this pic, but other than that it makes sense.

So this is where his fashion sense comes from by bax590
Source [11]

Of course, some things are more fun to shop for than others.  (Try not to fog up the glass, Judy.)

The Candy Shop by catchguess
Source [12]

At the grocery store by ulako
Source [12]
Next up, we have some images of our favorite fox and bunny demonstrating the (mostly) proper use of a shopping-cart. 

Grocery Shopping by mattnyc816
Source [14]

shipping cart by sanjiseo
Source [15]

Homeward bound after a successful excursion.

tumblr_o6ujklLvCH1sn3we8o1_r1_1280 by avakashi
Source [16]

“I-I-I think you kind of overdid it on the carrots, Carrots.”

The Carrots Evening shopping by ABManimator
Source [17]

Here’s a couple of Judy going shopping with one of her siblings.

We like the feathers on Tina’s ankles; a nice touch.

Tina and Judy Go Shopping by @ThornwolfArt
Source [18]

The brown bunny’s name is Laura.

Big Sis by @SamurShalem
Source [19]

How about a few group shopping pictures?

There’s ‘Little Toot-Toot’ in the lower left corner.

Shop with a cop by Shironaga 67
Source [20]

Anyone for a crossover shopping pic?

Shopping by Botak
Source [21]

Decision, decisions.  (Fru-Fru apparently has some very strong opinions on the matter.)

Price Cut by びびお
Source [22]

Now let’s go shopping with a few members of the other Zootopia cast members.

On the subject of Fru…

Fru-Fru by OddWilde (Color by DiggerShrew.)
Source [23]

There’s Bucky and Pronk, bickering as usual in the Carrot (Apple) Store while Larry and Gary pass by with a load of groceries.  (This is actually a detail from our featured image.)

Buy Everything Carrot Store by Nerton
Source [24]

Oh yes, we have some pics of Gazelle going shopping; they’re an absolute must.

Pop Star Singer Gazelle from Zootopia by JMantheAngel
Source [25]

AU pic of Gazelle shopping with a friend.  That wolf-girl has kind of a ‘Classic Disney’ vibe about her, don’t you think?

Shopping With Gazelle by @ItsKaiven
Source [26]

What, you didn’t think she only kept these tigers around as back-up dancers, did you?

Shopping – Gazelle and Tiger by roma0303
Source [27]

And finally….shopping with your family can get really awkward.

Saturday Shopping by bernielover
Source [28]

Until next time…stay safe and be well.