Here’s Shakira Performing ‘Try Everything’ on ‘Disney Family Singalong’


It happened! Shakira performed “Try Everything” on the Disney Family Singalong Sunday night (May 10), as we previously teased earlier this week.

It’s not the full song, mind ya, but we still get a chance to see Shakira sing the Zootopia theme with a bit of a twist — she even drums along at one point! (Not that that’s too much of a surprise if you’re familiar with Shakira’s musical talents, but… eh, still, rad stuff.)

During the performance, clips from the film were mixed in; I’m wondering if this’ll jog the memory of some of the viewers to revisit their favorite Disney movie about a bunny cop and con fox sometime soon.

The full Disney Family Singalong is available on multiple on-demand services if you’re interested in checking out the full show and missed last night’s ABC airing.