Comic: To Make a Difference (By: Itscrisp)


As the old saying goes: “Life is what you make of it. You can make it easy on yourself or you can make it hard.” That’s certainly a lesson we can all take to heart given the tough times we’re going through right now, don’t you think? Nick and Judy certainly seem to be doing just that in itscrisp’s comic, To Make a Difference.

When a frustrated Nick finds himself burning the midnight oil on a seemingly thankless case file, it takes some caring input from Judy to turn things around and give him just the boost he needs.

Here’s hoping this heart-warming piece may just do the same for you.

To Make a Difference (Zootopia Fancomic)


    • First Law of WildeHopps: All considerations of police work and anything else relevant to the plot and story arc of the movie come secondary to fluff and winks.
      Though to be fair this is one of the better pieces out there, and at least focuses on Nick’s development as a character (and Judy’s reaction thereto) instead of just defaulting to plain romance and leaving everything else totally up in the air.

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