Art of the Day #398: The Rise of WildeHopper

May the Fourth Be With You by Dravening
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And hello once again Zootopia fans. Today marks the opening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker–and the closing of the story arc we first glimpsed more than 40 years ago with the premiere of A New Hope. (Then titled simply, ‘Star Wars.’)

Since that time, the Star Wars universe has become an indelible part of our culture; you can hardly look anywhere these days without seeing a reference to the franchise.  And Zootopia was no exception, containing at least one major SW Easter Egg; the scene where Nick and Judy make off with the subway car containing Doug’s lab. 

Zootopia co-director Byron Howard has since confirmed that the bit where Judy hammered on the dashboard…

…was taken from a similar stunt Han Solo pulled in The Empire Strikes Back.

And so, to mark the occasion, we proudly present our latest collection of Zootopia X Star Wars crossover art. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on The Force…errr, the source-links.


We open with some images of Judy Hopps as Princess Leia.

Judy as Princess Leia by trashasaurusrex by trashasaurusrex
Source [2]

Here, Judy is channeling not only Princess Leia, but also Carrie Fisher.  (This was pretty much Carrie F’s reaction to having to wear that slave-girl outfit.)

Slave Judy by StarDustFur
Source [3]

And, of course, if you’re going to have Judy as Leia, then you’ve also got to have Nick as Han Solo.

COM – Nick Solo (by scificat) by scificat
Source [4]

…tho’ I’m not sure he wannnnts it.

Big the Hutt by crocutable
Source [5]

And now some pics featuring the Nick and Judy together as Han and Leia.
As many folks have noted, there are quite the number of similarities between the two relationships.

Aw, quit being such a grumpy-bear, Baloo.

Commission – Disney Star Wars Cosplay by RetroUniverseArt
Source [8]

ZOOWARS – Judy Organa and Nick Solo by BaTeYT
Source [7]

I’m Not Trembling by KungFuFreak07
Source [8]

A couple of takes on THE iconic Han and Leia moment.

You know you love me by KungFuFreak07
Source [9]

I Know Carrots by NovaAndHerMoondust
Source [10]

Nope, this isn’t Han and Leia again.  This time it’s Nick and Judy in the roles of Padme and Anakin Skywalker; the heart-wrenching moment from Episode III when he turned on her.

Mustafar’s Farewell by NovaAndHerMoondust
Source [11]

This one’s a little bit of a mashup.  Nick as Han again, with Judy as Ahsoka Tano (from the animated Clone Wars series.)

Jedi and the Scoundrel by Tony Helms
Source [12]

Here’s one of Judy as a an Imperial Stormtrooper

Judy – Stormtrooper by AndreSKalin by AndrejSKalin
Source [13]

Well…it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Zootopia-Star Wars: Aren’t you…? 2 by Redtriangle
Source [14]

Here’s Nick as a Jedi

Comm: Nick – The Furce Awakens by Pen-Mark
Source [15]

And Judy as a Jedi.

jedi_judy_by_masterchica1987-da26pxk by MasterChica1987
Source [16]

Okay, we’ve seen Judy as a slave-girl and we’ve seen her as a Jedi, so why not both at once?

Slave Jedi Judy by Omadaun
Source [17]

Next up, some images featuring a few of the Zootopia gang in Sith Lord mode.

“No, Jude-the-Dude; I am your father.
Come to the Dark Side,  We have carrot-cake.”

Stu Hopps as Darth Vader (Zootopia Star Wars AU) by KungFuFreak07
Source [18]

Here’s Little Nick as a Sith.
“Muzzle ME, will you?”

Darth Wilde by SciMunk
Source [19]

But of course, the obvious Zootopia character to play a Sith Lord is…

Sith Lord Bellweather by BlueDragon1993
Source [20]

Now let’s move on to the current Star Wars trilogy-arc

This is one of the very earliest pieces of Nick and Judy fan-art, predating the release of Zootopia by more than two months. (Note the reference to Bolt in the lower-right corner.)

The FURce Awakens by @briankesinger
Source [21]

A slightly different take on the same subject.

Zootopia Wars by reaperfox
Source [22]

Up next, a series of images featuring Judy as Rey.

Rey Judy by thehappyandying
Source [23]

Jedi Judy Hopps by Fuzzt0ne
Source [24]

Rey Hopps by StarvedFox
Source [25]

Here she is with Nick as the older Luke Skywalker.

Zoo Wars by Lannarty
Source [26]

In strict, technical terms, this is what is known as biting off more than you can chew.

Rising Dawn by Code-Shark
Source [27]

Nick as Finn, battling a First Order Stormtrooper

ZooWars by Reylogart00
Source [28]

Here’s Gazelle as the older Leia, with one of her tigers as Poe Dameron

Poe and Leia by @B44N00
Source [29]

Now this was something I never expected to find,  Here are three images featuring Nick as General Hux of the First Order

First Order Nick 01 by sadaf-wadj
Source [30]

First Order Nick 02 by sadaf-wadj
Source [31]

Posturing by Ryukocha
Source [32]

And finally…it would be completely remiss of us to post a Zootopia X Star Wars crossover collection without remembering this little gem from Byron Howard.

The Sloth Awakens by Byron Howard by @ByronPHoward
Source [33]

Until next time…may The Fox be with you.

And don’t forget to check out our Christmas Art Contest!

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