Art of the Day #394

My lil’ Frien’! by Cory Loftis
Source [1]

“Say ‘hello’ to my lil’ frien’.”

Our featured image for today is a rare treat, a newly discovered piece of ‘lost’ Zootopia concept art by Cory Loftis. (Kudos to ZNN staff member, Gabriel (The Night Manager) for finding this.)

And that’s only for starters; we have many other great Zootopia fan-pics in this week’s random collection.

Enjoy….and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Warm embrace by brainbow97
Source [2]

The Tail Strikes Back by Pandaren-Chaplain
Source [3]

Of Chef and Warrior by Hethroz
Source [4]

Nick Wilde by How-Did-We-Get-Here
Source [5]

Nick by AloisMorgan
Source [6]

Nick and Judy by Chiquiyo
Source [7]

Judy – Ao Dai version by DwayneTran
Source [8]

Have You Taken Your Joy? by Pandaren-Chaplain
Source [9]

Fun at the Playground by imaginativegenius099
Source [10]

Shock the Fennec by @LKIWS
Source [11]

Bubblegum Judy by @sou_nkjd
Source [12]

Count Nick Dracula by Mew-Me
Source [13]

All You Need is Love by Wondworth
Source [14]

() by JudyHopps44
Source [15]

Daily of Yax -6 by ThankU830309
Source [16]

Source [17]

Maid of Meter, I’d Love to Meet ‘Er by GuNMouTH
Source [18]

Preparation by Nick-Angel
Source [19]

Judy Hopps as a Stormtrooper by Redtriangle
Source [20]

big panel 10 Foothold On Crime by brawl9977
Source [21]

Temet Nosce by giftheck
Source [22]