Zootopiology Episode 3, Featuring Drummermax64!


Happy New Year, everyone! Can you think of a better way to bring the decade to a close than listening to a podcast where three nerds discuss fanfiction?

…probably, but this is how ZNN is ending the year- with the third episode of Zootopiology!

This time we featured Drummermax64, who, at the request of our patreon supporters, gave us a brief rundown of Anglofalcon’s classic story, In and Out of Love.  This resulted in a very interesting discussion of fanfiction, spoilers, and fan culture in general, so check it out down below!

Once again, thanks to ACRacebest and Drummermax64 for joining us, and we’ll see you all in 2020!


  1. That was awkward as heck starting off, once you got into the fanfic review, it picked up a bit. 😛

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