Art of the Day #396

Leap into life (Color) by Cory Loftis
(Color by premzootopia)
Source [1]

Greetings once more, Zootopia fans. For today’s featured image we have yet another rediscovered image from Disney artist Cory Loftis.  This one features Nick and Judy, together with a Nighthowler dart-gun. (or are those blueberries?)

And that isn’t all; we’ve also got a terrific series of line-art pics by secoh2000, plus lots of other great Zootopia fanart. 

Enjoy….and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Oh heeeey guys by secoh2000
Source [2]

Opening Night by secoh2000
Source [3]

Toot Toot by secoh2000
Source [4]

Helping a friend out. by secoh2000
Source [5]

You Dun it Now by secoh2000
Source [6]

In Transylvania… by secoh2000
Source [7]

They didn’t even give us a chance! by secoh2000
Source [8]

Congrats Zootopia by secoh2000
Source [9]

Slick Nick by secoh2000
Source [10]

Inktober – Day 19 – Sling by secoh2000
Source [11]

Do You Remember The First Time You Saw It? by JohnMigle
Source [12]

Paper Characters: Dawn Bellwether by JustSomePainter11
Source [13]

Lazy Judy by TheAmazingGwen
Source [14]

Unknown by @toumoro_22
Source [15]

Unknown by @Piberius_w
Source [16]

Unknown by @monmokamoko
Source [17]

Flirty Nick by @LetoDoesArt
Source [18]

Unknown by @uochandayo
Source [19]

Costume Tryouts #5 by Knoton13
Source [20]

Costume Tryouts #6 by Knoton13
Source [21]

Stream Stuff by @afruitvegetable
Source [22]

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  1. Aww, it’s so nice to see that the fandom is still chugging along, I love Nick and Judy <3

    It’s a shame there’s still some people dragging ZNN down.. Cimar told me all about upplet, and frankly, I’m surprised he’s still around :/

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