Saberspark’s Top 5 Animated Movies of the Decade

Hey everyone!  Andy here!  Guess what?  I’m sick!  You know what else is sick?  Saberspark’s Top 5 Animated Movies of the Decade!


… yeah that was probably one of the dumbest segues I’ve ever written.  Shut up, I’m sick, my brain’s not doing the words good!

Anyways, Saberspark just gave us a lovely early christmas present with his rundown of what he considers to be the Top 5 best animated films from 2010 – 2019.  It’s a seriously good list- I admit I haven’t seen Song of the Sea , and I still need to watch Klaus.  But… wait, Zootopia isn’t in the top spot?  Don’t mind me, I’m just going to go do inventory on my pitchfork collection…

(for real though I am inclined to agree on his #1 pick, just because of what it is.  But if that movie hadn’t come out this decade, Zootopia would easily be the best!)

Check out what he had to say down below!

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  1. Yep, we do all have our own opinions…Zootopia ties first for me with a Dreamworks film that changed my life 5 years before.

    On a different unrelated note though, are there still issues with the story updates? I know several featured here that have updated sicne the last post (one of them having finished out even).

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