Art of the Day #397

Space Sharla by akella33
Source [1]

Well, here’s something we haven’t seen a lot of…Sharla the sheep in a solo pic. (Say that three times fast.) As you can see from the first image, Sharla fulfilled her dream of becoming an astronaut. However, looking at the other one, the old saw, “Be careful what you wish for…” comes to mind.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Art of the Day collection #1.  Once again we’re changing the posting order and putting up the random images today and the themed gallery on Thursday.

You’ll find out why, then…but in the meantime, enjoy.  And don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Death Stranding Corssover by akella33
Source [2]

Wraparound Nick by aobanii
Source [3]

Want a Lick? by Skeleion
Source [4]

Noir by Nick-Angel
Source [5]

Windy day by DensLife
Source [6]

Nick by dipingxiangtr.D
Source [7]

Catch Your Pen If You Can by Humphrey2520
Source [8]

Blacksad In Zootopia by HeningR
Source [9]

All out!! by DensLife
Source [10]

Hoodie Hopps by GuNMouTH
Source [11]

Redraw by Dewshess
Source [12]

:COM: Twirl by nivarra
Source [13]

Snowtime as a Couple by FunnyRaccoon
Source [14]

Waiting by bax590
Source [15]

Judy’s Get Well Message by KendallCollins
Source [16]

Elastizelle by kibugamikenzo
Source [17]

Nick Sneeze by teaselbone
Source [18]

Fox Wilde Nick by Orion_ChocoPie
Source [19]

Jump! by いずみ陽
Source [20]

Ride the Fox by ODEN
Source [21]

Want Some? by ろく
Source [22]