Story: Nick vs. The Fake Relationship

Art by Mushstone [Rating T13][Romance][Crime][Action][Slow Burn][AU][Complete] Aces, Nick! A beautiful crossover of Zootopia meeting “Chuck”. The mashing of personalities is done beautifully, in such a way that you can see both characters being portrayed at the same time. With a […]


Story: Boxed In

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver [Rating M16][Horror][Suspense][Mystery][Complete] What would you do if you woke up suddenly in a box underground with no way out and no guarantee that someone will find you? That spine-chilling scenario is exactly what our duo has to […]


Art of the Day #233

Welcome home, son by andrejskalin Source [1] “So, WHEN am I going to see some grand-children?” “Mommmm. can’t you ever give it a rest?” That, according to Zootopia co-directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore is how things are between Nick […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 12 July 2018

You in the mood for some mysteries? Or how about some good old-fashioned romance? Fear not, dear readers, for on this fine Thursday there’s a bountiful heap of stories for you to peruse and enjoy. And what’s that, you want […]

Rain of Blue Petals

Story: Rain of Blue Petals

  Art by Empressimperia [Rating M16][Horror][Mystery][Suspense][Action][AU] Holy smokes, another fantastic Zootopia fanfiction taking place in the film’s original storyline, where predators are oppressed and collared, prey look down on them with blatant disdain, and a clandestine conspiracy is afoot, its […]


Art of the Day #231

Open Up, Mr Wilde by sneakingsuspicion Source [1] ♪ “You’ll be a dennnn-tissst… Mammals will thank you for causing them PAIN!”♫ ♪ “You’ll be a dennnn-tissst… Mammals will pay you to be in-hu…hu..”.♫ Oops, never mind…no humans in Zootopia. Anyway, […]


Story: A Wolf’s Song

Art by Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Romance][Family][Angst][OC] For all you ardent WolfEyer shippers out there, myself included, here’s Confused Goatee’s drama-filled take on what a love story for them would be like. A potent combination of species politics and old-fashioned traditions has […]


A SECOND CHANCE – Zootopia Fandub

MickelPickelVoiceAct’s Zootopia fan dub of A SECOND CHANCE is an awesome dub that voices frava8‘s comic. It is also dedicated to the passing of  MickelPickelVoiceActs’ father. May he rest in peace, and godspeed. MickelPickelVoiceActs did an amazing job putting this together, along with CasVoiceActs […]


Story: In Between

Art by Ketticat55 [Rating T13][Friendship][Romance][Slow Burn][Incomplete] If you’re looking for a fluffy little interpretation of Nick and Judy’s life immediately following the arrest of Dawn Bellwether, from Judy’s recovery from her injury to the much-anticipated trip back to Bunnyburrow (with […]


Art of the Day #229

Princesses ZPD Open Up the Door! by weischede Source [1] Everybody’s hoping for a Nick and Judy cameo in Wreck-It Ralph 2. Here’s one idea. Get your art after the break! cute clawhauser by badwoof Source [2] Queen of Hearts […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 5 July 2018

Summer’s in full swing, and that means Zootopia writers are getting loads of time again to regale us with their outstanding imaginations and entertaining stories! The works we have for you today come straight from the minds of Omnitrix 12, […]


Story: Officers Watch

Art by 秋 [Rating T13][Crime][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Collection] For those of you who are fans of ConfusedGoatee’s “A Weasel’s Watch” and want to dig deeper into its story and characters, this companion collection to it, “Officers Watch,” satisfies your craving for more! Essentially, […]


Art of the Day #227

Car wash fun by foxefuel Source [1] “Blankety-blank kids!  I shoulda gotten that koala and his sheep buddy to help me.” Hmmm, while Finnick gets this situation straightened out, what say the rest of us go check out some random […]