Art of the Day #228: Little Rodentia (Concept and Fanart)

Toilet Paper House by Armand Serrano
Source [1]

Little Rodentia, the district reserved for Zootopia’s tiniest residents. Though we only saw it once in the film, (the Duke Weaselton chase), it played a BIG part in the story.

Here, then, is a collection of concept and fanart dedicated to Zootopia’s rodent community.

The cover pic, by artist Armand Serrano, is his favorite piece of concept art that he created for the movie, according to an interview he gave on Youtube.

Enjoy and be sure to give him and the other artists some appreciation by clicking on the source links.

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We begin with an assortment of Zootopia concept art.
First up, a pair of apartment interiors in Little Rodentia

Little Rodentia Apartment 01 Concept Art by Armand Serrano
Source [2]
Apparently Judy isn’t the only one with loud neighbors.

Little Rodentia Apartment 02 Concept Art by Armand Serrano
Source [3]
A concept pic that made it into the final cut.

Popsicle Building Site by Armand Serrano
Source [4]
Here we have some concept art of the denizens of Little Rodentia.  (They were much more generic in the movie.)

Rodent Concepts 01 by Shiyoon Kim
Source [5]

Rodent Concepts 02 by Shiyoon Kim
Source [6]
Concept art of Chez Cheez, Little Rodentia’s most popular eatery.  (Sadly, not used in the film.)

Chez Cheese by @byronphoward
Source [7]
The Chez Cheez menu.  Not exactly a whole lot of variety, is there?

Chez Cheese Menu Concept Art by Matthias Lechner
Source [8]
Nick pursues a shrew though the streets of Little Rodentia in an early concept drawing for the film.  Later, he was the one being chased through the district by Judy Hopps. (See below.)

Shrew Chase (Concept Art) by @ByronPHoward
Source [9]
Overview of Little Rodentia from the ‘Shook Collar’ version.  As you can see, it was originally surrounded by parkland.

Little Rodentia Ovreview by Matthias Lechner
Source [10]
Concept sketches; note the details on the street lighting.

Little Rodentia Sketches by Matthias Lechner
Source [11]
Another concept pic from the Shock Collar version. With nowhere else to run, Nick prepares to make his escape through Little Rodentia.  

LR Nick Escape 01 by Matthias Lechner
Source [12]
Judy, ready to move in on her quarry.  In the final version of course, she was chasing Duke Weaselton rather than Nick, (and she didn’t have a taser.)

Judy Stalks LR by Matthias Lechner
Source [13]
More concept art from the same sequence. In the original chase scene, the mammals of little Rodentia were more awestruck than panicky.

LR Nick Escape 02 by Matthias Lechner
Source [14]
Man, Arenas’ concept pics always have something of a gritty, retro/organic feel to them.

Rodentia Concept by man-arenas
Source [15]
And now, let’s get into some fanart.


Just a fun little pic showing how the rodents of Little Rodentia may have dressed back in the Victorian Era

Victorian Zootopia Traditional Clothes 01 by fairytalesartist
Source [16]
Every district has its seamier side.

Shortcut Through the Gehttos by dravening
Source [17]
Mayhem in the streets of Little Rodentia; go get him Judy!  
(Footnore:  Skunks actually do prey on mice.)

Monster of Little Rodentia by Rai-kun
Source [18]
Mind you, sometimes having a partner isn’t necessarily an advantage.

Too Many Pawpsicles by Stealthcat_15
Source [19]
Whoops, watch your step in Little Rodentia, Nick.

A Trip Through Little Rodentia by teaselbone
Source [20]
You too, Judy.

Judy in Little Rodentia by hrsk_200
Source [21]
Okay, this is NOT a good idea.

Yeah, He’s Comin’ For You by dsc85
Source [22]

I think they’re finally starting to get the hang of it.

Macro Nick and Judy by pafull
Source [23]
Give it up, pal.

Busted by mistermead
Source [24]
You never know who you might bump into in Little Rodentia.  Here, Judy catches up with Fru-Fru and meets her goddaughter.

Little Judy by janjin 192
Source [25]
Uh, Judy, you’re entitled to kick back a little after a job well done…but methinks you might have been just a tiny bit more thoughtful in your choice of seat.

Judy in Rodentia by OkiNeko
Source [26]
Until next time, folks.


  1. The toilet paper roll house is bizarre and fun, but feels really unrealistic for many reasons including utilities, the low cost of of proper housing, and that Little Rodentia is probably a more expensive place for rodents anyway.

    I like to imagine that Little Rodentia is much larger in area than the original concept concept art suggests, but surrounding it with parkland made some sense to keep giant cars away from it. I imagine there'd be tight speed limit restrictions and road design intended to avoid any sort of accident nearby.

    Anyway, I liked the fanart though some was a bit…questionable.

    Rodents in Zootopia and Little Rodentia have always interested and bugged me as great concepts for world building where size gags pretty much always took precedence over world building in the movie. Though the infrastructure design doesn't look particularly safe for foxes or bunnies either.

  2. I always love these world-building sections. I agree it's sad that Chez Cheese never appeared in the movie (which is one reason I used it in my fanfiction, albeit on a larger scale).

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