Story: Nick vs. The Fake Relationship

Art by Mushstone

[Rating T13][Romance][Crime][Action][Slow Burn][AU][Complete]

Aces, Nick! A beautiful crossover of Zootopia meeting “Chuck”. The mashing of personalities is done beautifully, in such a way that you can see both characters being portrayed at the same time. With a bit of “Chuck” flavored action and Zootopia-style humor and banter, it is a very fun read. ~Gorgancm

Author: hannahberrie

Description :
“It was a complete accident that Nick started working for the Zootopian government. Falling for his handler was an even bigger accident.” – In which Nick learns to be a spy, and falls in love. A Zootopian Spies (Chuck) Au.

Nick vs. The Fake Relationship
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Additional Tags: He’s the secret. She’s the agent.