Special Art of the Day #232, Zootopia Around the World

Zootopia in Rio Carnival 2017 by Borba
Source [1]

Even before it hit the theaters, Zootopia was an international phenomenon. (It was actually released in Europe almost a month before it came out in the U.S.) I’m currently a member of a Facebook group that was founded by a guy from the Czech Republic and has membership ranging from Russia to The Philippines, Mexico and Australia.

In that spirit, and in honor of the World Cup, we present for a collection of Zootopia world fanart.

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We begin our journey by flying down to Rio, where we find Judy helping to celebrate Carnival.

Garota Judy by dariamorgan
Source [2]
Carnival is also a big deal in Baranquilla, Colombia, hometown of Shakira, voice for Gazelle.  Here we see her dressed in a Colombian national costume

Animal City by ruby-kila
Source [3]
Nick Wilde likes to get in on the Carnival action, too.  This is also Colombia.

Hips Don’t Lie by 3rdHarleyJoe
Source [4]
And now, a series of pictures showing Nick and Judy as police officers of different nations.
We start off in Canada.
(Cue the Dudley Do-Right theme.)

Zootpia World Police – Canada by 一膳
Source [5]
Nick and Judy as Italian carabinieri

Zootpia World Police – Italy by 一膳
Source [6]
Back to Brazil again

Zootpia World Police – Brazil by 一膳
Source [7]
Abu Dhabi

Zootpia World Police – Dubai by 一膳
Source [8]

Zootpia World Police – Japan by 一膳
Source [9]

Zootpia World Police – France by 一膳
Source [10]
South Korea, same concept, different artist

The South Korean variant. by foxnickwylde
Source [11] 
Same country, different take
Korean Cop Judy Hopps by HOT--DOG
Korean Cop Judy Hopps by Hot–Dog 

And finally Sweden

Swedish ZPD by axelegandersson
Source [13]
By now, everyone knows that one of the big differences between the different versions of Zootopia was that newscaster Fabienne Growley’s co-anchor varied from country to country.


In Japan, he’s a Japanese raccoon dog named Michael Tanuyama.

ZNN Reporter: Japan by tragobear
Source [14]
In Brazil, he’s a jaguar named Boi Chá.

ZNN Reporter: Brazil by tragobear
Source [15]
In New Zealand and Australia, he’s a koala bear named David Koalabell.

ZNN Reporter: Australia. New Zealand by tragobear
Source [16]
In United States, Canada, France, and numerous other countries, he’s a moose named Peter Moosebridge. (Moosos Alexander in the U.K.)
ZNN Reporter: United States, Canada by tragobear

And in China, of course, he’s a panda

ZNN Reporter: China by tragobear
Source [18]
And speaking of China…

If the story happened in China by tragobear
Source [19]
Nick and Judy with the flag of Malaysia

Malaysian Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps by jojolantern2000
Source [20]
And as that most English of crime-fighting duos, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

White Fur by mechagen
Source [21]
Here they are in Ireland

Happy Late St. Pat’s Day by KS_Durham
Source [22]
In Russia…

Russian Zootopia – ZVEROGRAD by nik159
Source [23]
In Netherlands’ national costume…

Zootopia In Holland by fairytalesartist
Source [24]
And last but not least, Mexico lindo.

Gracias Zootopia by sendraxmon
Source [25]
And so, as Nick and Judy take their leave, they ask you remember one thing…