Special Art of the Day #234: Happy (Belated) Friday the 13th

Oh you are naked.. by lejishi
Source [1]

It’s that time again…

For the superstitious, Friday 13th is the best day to avoid any risk of bad luck. No one wants to get into an unfortunate or a really embarrassing moment.

For this Artwork of the Day, we’re showcasing many situations of our favorite Zootopia characters in unFURtunate situations (pun intended).

Enjoy…and remember it’s bad luck not to show the artists some appreciation by clicking on the source links.

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A change in career by Zen_Fetcher
Source [2]

ZootopiaXCars by @naka_54
Source [3]

Under arrest by WedgieLovers
Source [4]

Untitled 2 by rikup-rikup
Source [5]

You think he doesn’t care by holmssie
Source [6]

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps in Recess by darkradx
Source [7]

Inspector ‘Nicholas’ Gadget II by thebiggeewhizz
Source [8]

Judy Hopps Carrot-patched (Valentines Sink YCH) by Hefess
Source [9]

commission for EB1987 by cyberamethyst
Source [10]

Case-A-Nostra by jackorjohn
Source [11]

Nick and Judy – Boxers by finnickabrenica_09
Source [12]

Gideon Grey Shinning by fairytalesartist
Source [13]

Carrot Legs by foxbeast
Source [14]

Spicy Nick Day by AngelGothFox
Source [15]

And then it was too late by Avelasmus
Source [16]

This is a Bad Time by sepanade
Source [17]

Dumb fox by geekfox
Source [18]

gwuuu by catwings30
Source [19]

Spit-take by technical-error
Source [20]

Awkward Vacation pt 4 aka You Spin Me Round by fluttershythekind
Source [21]

Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleanos Zootopia by richmen
Source [22]

Finnick’s Motorcycle by joaoppereiraus
Source [23]

No more swiping! by anotherfanwithcrayon
Source [24]

Fluff Wilde by actuallypiemations
Source [25]

Bad shot by thurinus
Source [26]

Halloween is almost upon us by charliebarkinq
Source [27] 

Watch Where You’re Sitting by KitsuneZero 


  1. *looks at 4, 9, 12, & 28*
    You…You do know what fetishes are right? No harm to the artists and people who like it, but seeing them on this site where kids could see it makes me feel uneasy.

    • Then don't look at them. (And that last one is a fetish? Puh-LEEZE, I've only seen that image in a hundred cartoons from Tom and Jerry to Tiny Toon Adventures.)

    • I know I don't have to look at them. I'm just bringing attention to the fact that when you click on the source of them, the other pics they made are more explicit sometimes. I just want there to be some kind of warning so that when kids go to this site they don't accidentally see something they shouldn't.
      Also I had a few minutes debating whether or not I should include the last one. It's just they are known for drawing a lot of fat material, hence why I brought up fetish.

      Overall I don't want to hate on anybody, I just wanted to point this out so the people who make these articles on this site can be more careful.

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