Story: Officers Watch

Art by 秋

[Rating T13][Crime][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Collection]

For those of you who are fans of ConfusedGoatee’s “A Weasel’s Watch” and want to dig deeper into its story and characters, this companion collection to it, “Officers Watch,” satisfies your craving for more! Essentially, it’s a side anthology that fills in the blanks, giving the inside scoop on what’s going on when the narrative isn’t following Reggie Weaselton. There is a lot to enjoy here, including perceptive character studies, gripping mini-stories several chapters in length, scenes elaborating on specific events in “A Weasel’s Watch,” the list goes on and on. Enhances the reading experience of the main work in every respect. ~DrummerMax64

Author: ConfusedGoatee

Description :
Bonus chapters of “A Weasel’s Watch.” Begins in Chapter 28, Familial Worry, and continues with the story. Unless it’s obvious, I’ve stated which chapter goes to which.

Officers Watch
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