Story: Rain of Blue Petals


Art by Empressimperia

[Rating M16][Horror][Mystery][Suspense][Action][AU]

Holy smokes, another fantastic Zootopia fanfiction taking place in the film’s original storyline, where predators are oppressed and collared, prey look down on them with blatant disdain, and a clandestine conspiracy is afoot, its prime goal being the further subjugation of the city’s sharp-toothed inhabitants. There are many faces you’ll recognize from both the original plot and the final version of the movie, and Empressimperia does an exceptional job of drawing the reader in with the multiple POVs, intertwining all the different threads together to create a compelling narrative replete with intrigue and danger. “Rain of Blue Petals” is shaping up to be just like one of those damnable shock collars – positively electrifying! ~DrummerMax64

Author: Empressimperia

Description :
Based on the Original Plot. An outcast fox’s risky scheme leads to troubles with a mob boss and the ZPD’s first rabbit officer. Her superior’s integrity is tested when he meets a young cheetah under threat from police corruption. In the shadows, two spies compete in their hunt for a mad scientist and uncover a plot to shatter the shiny facade that is the city of Zootopia.

Rain of Blue Petals
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Additional Tags: When you play the game of collars, you win… or your die.