ズトピろぐ4 by ichi
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4 MILLION PAGEVIEWS!  Holy cow!  This is amazing!

We have some unique art on the way, like we have had for our previous million-view-milestones, but until then, let’s celebrate!  We’ve got art of parties, cakes, fireworks… everything!  PARTY TIME!

Get your art after the break!

Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleanos Zootopia by Richmen
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Fireworks by rkaoril
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Zootopia at Night by Fairytalesartist
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Year of Zootopia by Tima25478
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Zootopia New Years by kentcj
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Happy New Year by Smithfox
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ついったログ3 by モコ
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Zootopia by Paddy-F
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輝く未来 by シロ
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Twitterログ② by 侑加
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【新刊告知】クロウハウザーさんはプニプニすぎる【C90】 by 大川犬威
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ずとぴまとめ5 by みそ
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Wilde by Drawbro
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Twitterまとめ③ by もず
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夏フェスニクジュディ by あす吉
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仲がいいのも考えもの by ao
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Crazy Something Normal by DramaGhostGirl
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[Title Unknown] by 舵丸
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Welcome to the ZPD by 嘉吉いずる
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Zootopia Splash Mountain by Kakeyon
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Zootopia Wedding Scene by ChaosRaymond
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My Zootopia Cake by Cookie-and-her-Foxes
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Hauser and Cake by ThankU830309
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Pinkie’s Present to Judy by JohnRaptor
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Going for a night stroll by Foxlover91
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  1. Is it me, or is the page-view count somewhat-rapidly gaining speed? I know ZNN helps make the time fly by, but it feels like only yesterday that it was passing 3 million!

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