Story: A Fox Sits by a Window

Art by: CynicalConplex

[Rating T13][Tragedy][Fantasy][Complete]

What started as probably the most important case in Nick and Judy’s careers quickly turns into one of the most powerful endings in a story that I have read in a long time. Euphonemes expertly tells a gripping story in a short one-shot, and manages to give it plenty of impact to leave you thinking about it long after you’re done. I recommend reading it twice to fully appreciate just how genius this short story is. – Ronald Latranae (Blenderguy15)

Author: Euphonemes

Description :
Officer Judy Hopps is charged with wrapping up another big case, but things are not as they seem. With Nick Wilde in tow, the very busy bunny sets out to resolve a troubling matter. How will she handle the pressure of having to take down an old friend? And will she understand the cost that comes with her work? A short story with a very different kind of ending.

A Fox Sits by a Window
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    • It works under, either Nick doesn't exist or he never became her partner for one reason or another. The work points to the former, Nick not existing, or appears to. This can mean that A) Nick died during the Nighthowler case, B) Nick never made it to or through the academy, C) similar to some coverage ZNN did before about a short comic of Nick being a figment of Judy's imagination, D) et cetra/ also known as fill in the blank bubble.

  1. Alert: This is a spoiler review.

    It's an interesting story but it starts to unravel on repeated readings. The biggest problem being that once the twist is revealed and you start to re-read the story you realize that the bulk of the tale is being told by "Judy" who has been revealed to be an unreliable narrator. It's kinda fun to re-read under the premise that everything else in the story is "real" except Nick and look for the "clues" on his imaginary existence. But after the second read, you start to wonder how much of the story can be taken at face value vs how much is made up in "Judy's" head? Without something to provide an anchor on what is real vs what is imagined, the only thing we can take from the story are the observations of the hippo waitress. Namely, there's a female rabbit who eats regularly at a diner, talks to someone named Nick about ZPD stuff, often freaks out her fellow diners before heading out on her "adventures"… and that's it. We can't even say for sure that this rabbit is Judy Hopps. The rabbit self-identifies as Judy Hopps but is also an unreliable narrator and no description of the rabbit is given by the hippo beyond gender. So in the end, we really don't know much of anything about what's going on.

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