Comic: Nirlock | A Spoor in Scarlet | Chapter 1: Rabbiting (by MonoFlax)

Imagine, for a moment, that the BBC Series “Sherlock” were re-imagined in Zootopia, starring an AU version of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps.  Well, imagine no more, because Nirlock (Pronounced “neer-lock”, as far as I can tell) does exactly that!

This incredibly GORGEOUS comic is the work of MonoFlax, who has been working on this with Wartox, Lgarniger, and TheWyvernsWeaver to bring us an absolutely fantastic amalgamation of these two worlds!  And if you’re not a fan of the BBC show, don’t worry- it’s not just a remake of the show with some Zootopia skins added on to the characters.  As Monoflax states on Devinatart:

“What we want to do is imagine what  Nick and Judy would be like if they were to take on the roles of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson!”

So, it’s essentially taking the “modern-day Sherlock” premise (and costumes) of the BBC show, mixing that together with Zootopia, and bringing us a brand new, original take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective stories!  This is just the first chapter of the first case, and I can’t wait to see where this takes us.

Check it out for yourself on Deviantart, Tumblr, or after the break!


  1. Its actually just copying the script from Sherlock, which is already terrible to begin with. I wish this artist would use their talents on something actually original and good instead of regurgitating bad stories

    • well then this guy can probably plot out a better story than steven moffat ever could

      still not into it because it reminds me that the show exists

    • Like I said in the description, it's an original take on the story. So far, the only similarities between this and the bbc show are a- the concept of "modern day sherlock holmes" and b-the costumes. I think it's worth giving it a shot, even if you don't like Sherlock.

    • Well… there's a lot in this banter and scene structure that plays out quite similarly to the BBC show (such as the personality/involvement of Mrs. Hudson), and as you said the aesthetics do borrow a bit as well. It clearly draws inspiration from it.

      That said, I'd argue on Mr. Lagopus's side that it's already separating itself as an original take on the material. First off, "Nirlock's" personality is less rude – his snark is playfully intentional, rather than charmingly dismissive. He's not acting "superior" in these scenes (like Sherlock would), just… ornery.
      Further, the actual plot setup appears to be different if that last panel is anything to go by. These creators are good at taking source material and spinning it in unique ways, so perhaps you should give it a chance regardless of your opinion of Sherlock…?

      Speaking of, the first seasons of Sherlock were surprisingly accurate interpretations of the source material (so this comic is going to HAVE to be somewhat similar to BBC's "Sherlock" if it's going to respect Sherlock Holmes in general). The original Holmes stories were popcorn reading for their time – adventurous, fun, but not high-brow by any means. BBC's "Sherlock" captured that very well to begin with! Moffat's writing simply seemed to burn out, both of his shows suffering over time.

    • If the writer here can come up with a good mystery plot that doesn't involve Sherlock figuring everything out without any clues being given to the audience, and can make Sherlock not an awful gary stu, then they've already surpassed anything Moffat has done for the series.

      Maybe they could actually make Moriarty not a horrible offensive stereotype and have Sebastian Moran as a character instead of him just not existing. Of course, that's giving the benefit of the doubt they will actually research the subject of Sherlock Holmes instead of just following Sherlock. I'd like to see this go more original places.

    • Really, it just sounds like you hate it. So instead of spreading your negativity and hate towards an artist(s) who is quite good at what they're doing, I suggest you leave. Take your complaints to the directors of BBC's Sherlock or keep them to yourself—even better.
      Thank you!

  2. What on Earth is a "bed tray?" I honestly don't understand that bit, nor Judy's exclamation about being "obvious" directly after.

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