Meet the ZNN Team! Part 6: What a Fantastic Fandom!

The face of a fox who is exhausted but incredibly proud at the same time

It’s been 5 months since we hit 3 Million, and what an absolutely insane 5 months these have been.

We got an exclusive interview with Byron Howard. Gary Goldman brought a lawsuit against Zootopia and it got tossed out by the judge.  The St. Paul Police Department used Zootopia in their training.  We finished our Ultimate Thank-You Card Project and began our series of almost-animated interviews.  There have been huge comics, thousands of new pieces of fanart, and more stories than I can count!

Wow.  As far as I’m aware no community has ever formed like this around a single movie.  It’s absolutely amazing.

Through it all, there’s been enough drama to fill an entire season on broadway, but this magnificent community of ours still stands strong!  Bravo to all of you!  We will not fade into obscurity, but will sail the great ship WildeHopps (or whatever alternative ship you may prefer) across the world!

Since our last “Meet the Team” post, we’ve had a lot of changes among the ZNN staff.  Friends have come and gone, bats have disappeared into the night, and real life has caught up to a lot of us.  But we’re still here, we’re still going, and we’re not going anywhere as long as this community continues to make amazing things!

Join us after the break as we officially introduce the newest members of the team, with art by the magnificent Quriky-Middle-Child and Sendrax!

Starting off, I’m sad to announce that the forum Zootopia.Rocks is now closed.  For those of you unaware of what Zootopia.Rocks was, it was a message board and forum for all of us Zootopia fans to talk on.  However, it never really got the sub-community that the creators were hoping for, so they eventually had to shut their doors.

BUT NOT ALL IS LOST!  Most of their staff, who were already kind of a part of ZNN as we were partenered with their site, have since joined ZNN properly, as new Treasure Hunters!

Meet Asdamk

and Markoatonc (or Marko for short)!

Not only that, but we also have another new addition to the Treasure Hunting team!

Meet Fricsi!

Hey, put on some clothes!  This ain’t the Mystic Springs Oasis!

Now, a “Meet the Team” post wouldn’t be complete without our ever-watchful Abyss Gazers!  They have done an absolutely incredible job making sure that there is either a new fanfic or a story update post practically every day.  In fact, some days they’ve been the only thing we’ve posted, so for all their hard work, let’s give the Abyss Gazers a round of applause!

A lot of this was made possible by the two newest additions to the Abyss Gazer team:

Ron, the new Secretary to the Abyss Gazers

and Mordecai!

Before you ask, no, we don’t have a rigby on the team.  Though that would be funny.

Finally, while they have been a part of the ZNN team for a while, their Zoosona wasn’t ready last time we did one of these.  So, give it up for the master of social media…


That’s everybody this time!  I’ll see you at 4 Million!  Until then, remember, as always…

Try Everything!

~Andy Lagopus


  1. A Thylacine on the team, eh? Rather does fit them…
    Makes me wonder just how big this site might actually get one day, the staff line-up is huge already and just keeps growing 🙂

    • Awesome work! I can only imagine what this site will be like in another year or two. Keep up the fantastic work! I personally adore those interviews, and would love to see more of them in the future with more artists and authors to get to know. That would be very cool. With more staff members, you guys should be able to make them much quicker now, right?

  2. I so glad that all of us still have the same passion that the very first time we saw this pieces of art. forward for many, many more years.

    I love and support your job, please keep it up.

    also this palces needs a like botton or something

  3. (sigh) i wish some people would not assume everyone in the community ships wildehopps – I for one don't and am very against it (for me, Nick and Judy work best as friends) however i absolutely love Zootopia, this wildehopps stuff just ruins things for me sometimes though.

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