Story: More Than a Mutt

Art by: Sprinkah

[Rating K9][Drama][Family][Hurt/Comfort][Complete]

As the title suggests, this is a one-shot that will resonate on an emotional level to those who had to go through the hardships of bullying: the wounds inflicted, the harsh words that cut deep, and in the case of this story, having to endure the hurtful qualities of discrimination. Both Nick and Judy prove to be model parents as they attempt to comfort their son and alleviate his suffering by recounting how they met and explaining how they overcame prejudice. With fantastic characterizations and an ample amount of heart, this one-shot is an engaging read that supplies both guidance and solace. – DrummerMax64

Author: Cloperella

Description :
Nick and Judy love their son James more than anything in the world. To them, he’s a beautiful hybrid that represents the best example of peace between a diverse species of animals. Unfortunately, some Zootopians see a mixed species child as an abomination, and aren’t afraid to show it. After the parents receive news that their son has been severely bullied once again, Nick and Judy will have to dig deep to pull their son out of despair.

More Than a Mutt
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