Zootopia Theory: Fish in Zootopia Explained (by Wotso Videos)

Tundra Town by Odajima

Zootopia is a city by mammals, for mammals, and we see dozens and dozens of different varieties in the movie.  But there’s one category of mammals that we just never see.

Where are all the aquatic mammals?  The whales, the manatees, the sea lions, the dolphins, the seals?  They’re among the largest and most abundant variety of mammals in Zootopia, but… they’re just not present in the film.  So where are they, Atlantis?

Wotso Videos has a very different explanation, drawing from evidence we see in the movie, about the distinct lack of aquatic life.
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  1. You know, if you watch the backgrounds and side characters of Zootopia you can answer almost any question you have about the film! Except how they can make some of the worlds harshest environments without the use of an enclosure! Now that's a feet I'd love to see someone try to explain!

    • Relatively easy actually, works on the same principle as your average fridge combined with natural cycles. Excess heat generated by cooling Tundratown is of course pumped into Sahara Square, where the high heat would create rising air and extreme evaporation off neighboring bodies of water (ie. the river or bay that surrounds a fair portion of the city) and the districts of Sahara and Savannah Central. This evaporated water would collect as clouds near the natural barrier of the mountains running into the center of the city between Rainforest and Tundratown much like in a rainshadow effect and because the falling cool air in Tundratown would draw it north away from Sahara and Savvanah, providing at least in part the moisture of Rainforest and possibly some to Tundratown (though cold regions are naturally drier and precipitation-wise more like the desert than a rainforest so that wouldn't be much of a concern).

  2. As much as they tried to explain away predator meat eating habits with insect meat, I still don't think it would be enough to cover entire predator populations needs, fish would still have to be on the menu to fill out the various species b12 requirements. And as far as the aquatic mammals go, if humans didn't evolve in the Zooniverse, maybe they didn't either.

    Whatever the case, can we just forget about the Galgameks? Lol

  3. The video is cute but kinda superficial and makes a lot of assumptions without appearing to have done any in-depth research. First off, being over the "predator/prey" relationship means the mammals of Zootopia don't eat their fellow sapient animals, not that they don't eat protein. The creative team is on record as saying the mammals of Zootopia eat fish, insect and plant protein. Fish and insects did not evolve. Second, we are told Zootopia has 12 unique ecosystems but we only really see 4 in the movie (tundratown, rainforest district, sahara square, savannah central/little rodentia) that leaves many unvisited areas that could accommodate aquatic mammals. Third, we only saw the lobby area and one side chamber of the Natural History Museum. That is such a small sample size of their potential displays that trying to draw any conclusions from what little we see is pointless. Fourth, "Blubber Chef" could simply be referring to the owner of the restaurant (like Wolfgang Puck) instead of reflecting what they serve.

  4. I agree–far too many assumptions based on other assumptions and only a few "facts" that can't conclusively prove or disprove anything. The creators overall intent was pretty obvious, so this guy has made an illogical conclusion. But let's play Devil's Advocate: since we don't see any graveyards, does that mean they don't bury their dead? Uh…no. Better yet, since we never see anyone die, does that mean they all live forever?? Still no. Since Zootopia is closely based on our world, there is most likely a much less dark/sinister explanation and I trust that we need now worry about it.


  5. Looks like those above already covered the incredibly apparent faults in this film. Gotta correct zooLover on one thing though: fish and insects certainly evolved, as they're present as food, they just didn't evolve into sapient creatures.
    Even if Zootopia can't house the aquatic mammals, it's certainly a big world so a location where they could live elsewhere is certainly not out of the question, and we don't know how they have become adapted to the changed world; are all of them entirely aquatic still? Or as some fanfiction writers have entertained, could some like the pinnipeds have become uniquely bipedal? There are hints of that being possible in the Art of Zootopia book after all (which this video seems to have completely missed). Also have to agree with the notion zooLover put out that Blubber Chef is probably a title either for the traits of the owner, or the results of eating there (there is, after all, a Fat Shack where I live, and they don't serve fat people there as food).

    • "there is, after all, a Fat Shack where I live, and they don't serve fat people there as food"

      OR DO THEY?

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