Story: Stars

Art by: Shuploc

[Rating T13][Friendship][Humor][Feels][Complete]

A splendid story that tracks the growth of Nick and Judy’s unique and special bond as the fox endures the trials at the academy, all told through the medium of a digital screen. Limiting the format to just emails and texts, TMBrown does a fantastic job of putting a refreshing twist on a familiar scenario, showing that these two friends are more than capable of keeping in touch during their time apart. Capturing Nick’s witty charm and Judy’s animated optimism with ease, this appealing tale is one that you’ll certainly enjoy, along with its unusual but effective mode of storytelling. – DrummerMax64

Author: TMBrown

Description :
While Nick’s at the police academy struggling to adapt to his new role, Judy has to solve a case that takers her to a predator part of town. They exchange e-mails and sometimes text chats to help each other through these tough times, cementing their friendship.

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  1. This was one of the first stories I found on and it is an amazing story! Probably one of my favorites out of everything I've read.

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