Short Animation: Clover Blossoms (by Drawnbythestream)

You want to know what takes a lot of time and effort?  Animation.  So, over the past century, animators have been honing and refining the art, creating tools and techniques to make the process easier and less time consuming than it used to be (as all professionals tend to do).

But do you want to know something else fun about that?  When you’re learning animation, your teacher will often make you throw most of the past century’s advances in technology out the window.  Yup, forget about computers and tweening and the undo key, you have to go back to the basics and create the illusion of life with nothing but a pencil and some paper.  It’s a very difficult task (especially if you decide to animate at 24 fps rather than 12, like I did…) but if you can learn this, you have the foundation to go anywhere and make anything.

DrawnByTheStream, I wholeheartedly congratulate you on this adorable animation of Judy getting a gift from an offscreen Nick Wilde.  This could not have been easy, and I hope your professor appreciates just how good this is!

Check out this short animation for yourself over on tumblr, or after the break!


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