Story: Forty Glimpses

Art by: Tragobear

[Rating T13][Slice of Life][Humor][Drama][Collection]

Here’s another excellent drabble collection for you all to sink your teeth into! Starting out with forty words and a little blurb to accompany each one, CDNCrow goes down the list and constructs an entertaining chapter for each word that faithfully represents the story description tied with it. From delightful fluff to riveting drama to ridiculous hilarity and everything in between, this collection has something available for everyone. All in all, a terrific potpourri of shorts that provides an in-depth look of the citizens of Zootopia. – DrummerMax64

Author: CDNCrow

Description :
Forty standalone stories about the past, present and possible futures of Zootopia. Some happy, some sad, some sweet and some bitter. (Originally a series of single-word prompts that took on a life of their own.)

Forty Glimpses
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