Story: Constants

Art by: Ziegelzeig

[Rating T13][Romance][Friendship][Hurt/Comfort]

Set in tarienn’s phenomenal “Contrasts” universe, this is a story that examines another emerging interspecies relationship besides Nick and Judy’s, one that has been steadily growing from its early roots for quite some time. You’ll be fascinated by the evolution of this profound romance as Sharla realizes her lifelong dreams, Gideon resolves to change his ways, and the two of them discover something truly magical connecting their lives together. Sweet, sincere, and chock full of wonderful affection. – DrummerMax64

Author: tarienn

Description :
We all have those in our lives that are always there. Through the good and the bad, they are the ones that stick with us even when we are at our worst. Gideon Grey had a troubled childhood and those troubles would have followed into adulthood. But because of one little lamb, a single constant element in his life, he’s willing to do one of the hardest things any mammal has to do: Change. But, when his constant becomes lost, pulled under by the harsh tides of reality, can Gideon be a constant in return?

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Additional Tags: If a fox can love a bunny, can the same be said for a fox and a sheep?