Story: Hyenahurst

Art by: flakjackal

[Rating T13][Friendship][Drama]

As far as OC-driven stories go, this one is a real hoot. Focused around a particular area within the city, you will explore the depths of this dilapidated locale and follow a group of teenagers as they deal with the other denizens and trudge through the grittiness of their lifestyles. The characters are compelling, and the chemistry between them speaks volumes about the tightness of their friendship and the understanding they share in regard to their lot in life. With an engaging start that denotes great things to come, Hyenahurst is an intriguing setting that you’ll want to see and investigate more of. – DrummerMax64

Author: Lovelymayor

Description :
A new OC-centered episodic fic series revealing the lives of high school students in one of Sahara Square’s most complicated neighborhoods: Hyenahurst. Set in the distant bygone era of 2003.

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