ZNN Interviews: Cimar of Turalis/WildeHopps

Hello again, Dominic Faux here with the second entry in ZNN’s interview series!

Our awesome team has been hard at work and is back at it again with this next video. And this time we’ve set our sights on… Cimar of Turalis/WildeHopps! You may know him as the lead of the One Hundred Kisses project, or the writer of Always my Sly Bunny, Always my Dumb Fox — and a few more of course. Cimar was a great interviewee, and we enjoyed the chance to get to know more about what makes him tick.

You can see the video interview just after the break. Of course, if you’d prefer audio only, we’ve got a link to the SoundCloud file here. We’re very excited to keep working hard on this series, and we’ll see you again for the next one soon!

Dominic Faux, signing off!


  1. Darn, you guys are so awesome! Thanks for working so hard for the community. It's fantastic to see you interviewing the fandom community. Cimar is a wonderful writer, and it was great to hear him giving an interview about it all. Massive congratulations to all those involved with the process of making this.

  2. I don't think there's a single serious fanfic reader who's not familiar with some of Cimar's work; community building has been a success, congrats! The short-story idea sounds like an interesting one, so I look forward to that one when it comes out too.

  3. Nicely done and a good choice for an interview. You would be hard pressed to be in this fandom without being aware of Cimar. In addition to his literary contributions he is very supportive of others with the positive comments he leaves on many art and literature postings pretty much every day.

    The presentation of the interview was nicely done by your animation team and everyone else that contributed to this. Thanks.

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