Art of the Day #28.5 – Cheers, love!

Tracer Hopps by Faebelina
Source [1]

Sorry there hasn’t been too much stuff on ZNN today.  I’ve been kinda… preoccupied today.  A certain game finally released, and I’ve been playing it quite a bit.  And since there’s quite a lot of you who seem interested in this game as well, let’s do a mini-Art Of The Day of the crossover art you guys have made.

Also, quite a lot of you had the idea to cast Judy in the role of Tracer.  It’s kinda funny.

Check it out after the break!

Nick Wilde as McCree by paulpual-thesquid
Source [2]
Tracer Judy by graphic-lee
Source [3]
Judy-Tracer by Lannarty
Source [4]
Tracer Judy by WiggleDemWaffles
Source [5]
Gazelle as Mercy by TrinityandMoose
Source [6]
Judy Hopps – Tracer CROSSOVER by SkyBrush-ViFFeX
Source [7]

Tracer Hopps (with and without Tuff) by alec8ter

Overwatch + Zootopia by WiggleDemWaffles
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