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Story- Fallout: Zootopia

[Action] [Adventure] [Drama] [Crossover] [Original Characters] [Epic] [Rated M-16] You know how a few days ago I posted this and asked if anyone was working on a fanfic of it?  Well, here you go! Author: CiderStripes Description: Fear, treachery, blood-lust.  These […]

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Texts from Zootopians

[Rated T-13 for occasional language] For all its shortcomings, sometimes texting can be absolutely hilarious!  There’s a reason Texts from Dog and Texts from Superheroes have become as popular as they have, and now there’s a Zootopian version. And it. […]

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Art of the Day #19

Zootopia! by Bukoya-Star Source [1] Sorry there was a massive gap between posts today.  Things took an unexpected turn for the hectic and cost me a few more hours than I would normally have liked. Have some apology art after […]

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Poll Results and New Poll!

Source Well then, another week has come and gone, and it’s time for a new poll!  We’re going to take a little break from collecting data about our audience getting some valuable feedback, and ask a question actually related to […]