The Shepard Bellwether Saga (Three Comics by TGWeaver)

[Rated T-13 for language]

What if Dawn Bellwether, the anti-predator villain of the movie, was secretly in a relationship with a Sheepdog?  This is a piece of fanon that comes to us directly from TGWeaver, and while it is initially seen to be a rather abusive relationship, Shepard Bellwether is the epitome of undying loyalty, and the whole thing ends up being a sweet story of redemption.

Right now, there are three comics about this couple directly from Weaver, and one from Zhanabo.  To make up for being so late on posting stuff today (sorry about that) -I’ll put all of them in what I believe to be chronological order, starting with Bitter Lamb and her Too-Loyal Sheepdog, then A Little More of the Previously Mentioned Shepard Bellwether, and finally the emotional climax of the Weaver Shepard Saga, Bellwether’s Release*

So get ready to laugh, cry, and possibly feel a bit uncomfortable all at the same time, because that’s how Weaver does things!  Check out the comics after the break!

*Titles taken from original Tumblr posts, not necessarily what Weaver calls them

Bitter Lamb and her Too-Loyal Sheepdog
A Little More of the Previously Mentioned Shepard Bellwether
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Bellwether’s Release
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5


  1. Very perceptive writing there and great characters even as they were very minimal sketches. Tragically, that kind of abusive behaviour isn't likely going to stay away, and the longer term situation might not go so well.

  2. From the last page of the final comic, I can guess that Shepard wasn't like any other dogs. This means that he gotten manipulated and wronged by Prey animals. Which led him to developed feelings towards Dawn, for who went through the same thing.

  3. This whole little series endears itself to me because of the sweetness of a sheepdog in love with a sheep, and because it reflects the beauty of the loyal heart of a dog. One of the fun things about writing anthro characters is the way you get to tease out the personalities that animals IRL display and write them in interesting ways. The team that created Zootopia did this extensively. In my story, Out of the Woods, one of the aspects of canines that comes out is their loyalty and high mindedness – they have big hearts, just like old shep here 🙂

    • How are there sheep or pink pigs? There are several domesticated animals shown in the movie, so apparently it's just one of those things you're supposed to just go with and not think about too much. lol

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