Art of the Day #30 – Dystopian Dreams

Nick by Seto West sub k
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To know joy, one must know misery.  To know happiness, one must know pain.  This is one of the fundamental truths of the world.  Everything has its opposite.
I like to think that somewhere out there is a universe exactly like ours in every way… except they got the other side of the Zootopia coin.  Where the movie they got was the dark, gritty, and possibly not-as-kid-friendly version of Zootopia where all predators were forced to wear shock collars that zapped them whenever they experienced strong emotions.  We know of this possible movie from the Art of Zootopia book, interviews with the directors, and so on.  
Although it’s a cool concept, I’m very, very glad that we got the movie that we ended up getting.  I am perfectly happy to have this alternate Zootopia exist in Fan-made content, though.  Zistopia is a perfect example of that story gaining new life in our universe.  As is all the art down below.
Now how’s that for a segue?  Get your art after the break!

Based on Concept Art by @Porong002
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Zistopia Nick in a Pinstripe Suit by Sainegrey
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No Title by Eighty-one kun
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(Title Unknown) by Pollycat78
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(Title Unknown) by Nami-San22
(unsure if it’s concept art or not?  If it is let me know and I’ll fix it.  If not, well awesome job!)
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(Title Unknown) by Nami-San22 
(Same situation as above)
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Zootopia Deleted Scene by Constanza-Chan14
Source [8]
Nick with Collar by TaylorIllustrated
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Another by TaylorIllustrated
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Collar by Nik159
Source [11]
Double Crossed by DirectMasieWTF
Source [12]
Original Nick Wilde by Kadeart
Source [13]
Zootopia Welcomes You by MisterMead
Source [14]
Zistopia Fanart by Caninaedraw
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Zistopia Submission by Animebear89
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I had nothing to add by nemospecific
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Zootopia [FANART] by Never7Dice
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Zistopia Redraw by Thatloufella
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Prisoner (?) by Yamatoooooo
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  1. Aww I feel so sad about this but it's so awesome, I'm a big fan of drama and even if I'm happy of what we had at final, I would've loved to see a movie with shock collars, just for the feels <:'3

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