If Zootopia was a Dramatic movie (Fan-made Trailer)

Have an extra Saturday post, since there’s not going to be anything new here on Sunday.

The trailers for Zootopia weren’t the best, in my opinion.  What could be done to improve it?

Well, a bit of slick editing here, some epic music from Star Wars there, and you have a trailer that makes it look like the epic drama that it is.  Thanks to everyone who submitted this to us, it’s awesome!

Check it out after the break!


  1. Hahaha that was not dramatic, that was just f****** EPIC ! But SW music even if it perfectly match with the trailer, when you know what is it, you can't take it seriously. But this gave me feels and chills all over my body cause' it's so well done, just add collars and it would be much dramatic 🙂

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