Art of the Day #29

Hello from a beautiful place by numenskog
Source [1]

Sometimes, I wish polaroid photos were still a thing.  I mean, there’s just something about pictures like this that just scream “Classic”.  And having space to write out a little about the photo is a great way to tie memories to locations.

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I was Watching by Izumi yang
Source [2]
Partners by jonathantaniuchi
Source [3]
Bellwether Color by FluttershytheKind
Source [4]
Impersonation by Junichiboar
Source [5]
Zootopia by La’kyo
Source [6]
Fox and rabbit and fox by Mikekomu
Source [7]
Judy Hopps by OneGutsyPony
Source [8]
Zootopia Justified by Komatsuko
Source [9]
Zoo by Zama
Source [10]
Judy Hopps by The one and only Tetsuji
Source [11]
Yeah, fist bump!  by Tonight Mitsuki
Source [12]
Super Hopps by S-Dash
Source [13]
3D Movie by J-analogman69
Source [14]
Anyone can be anything! by Nviek5
Source [15]
Zoo by Minoru
Source [16]
Nick and Judy buy Popsicles by jonathantaniuchi
Source [17]
Finnick by Mikekomu
Source [18]
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? by slovenskiy
Source [19]
Regrets by nik159
Source [20]


  1. Wow. I've always wished I could draw, but unfortunately even my measly little stick figures are so awful, they hang themselves [that's a "Hangman" joke, people–LAUGH!]. Awesome work, everyone–ALL are well done, but I especially like "Super Hopps" (ENVY your talent, S-Dash!!) and there's something especially sentimental about "Regrets".


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